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An Update

It has been a little while since I have posted! We have been busy rearranging our lives! We now have 14, FOURTEEN grand children. The latest two are boys. Sweetie 1 is living in another state and raising her little baby boy. Sweetie 2 is at home and is a sophomore in College. She is thriving. Sweetie 3 is a… (more…)

Communication: A Foreign Language

Written in 2013. Imagine yourself moving to a new country where NOBODY speaks your native language. Television is in another language. You stare at the news commentator and hear all these foreign sounds coming out, and you do not understand ONE THING he is saying! You turn on a cartoon to relax and the very same thing happens. You turn… (more…)

Seven Years Ago Part 2

Seven Years ago today, I left on an airplane to NC to get Sweetie 4. She was 11 years old, and her life was 11/11ths of total and complete chaos. 🙁 Because we had to leave so suddenly, Mike stayed home with the other girls and I set out on a treck that changed our lives and her life forever.… (more…)


I had somebody contact me and let me know comments were unable to post. I’m so very sorry if you have spent time trying to comment, only to have it not post! I just fixed that. CM

Being Connected Being a Team

What does CONNECTED parenting looks like, when SAFETY is a HUGE problem. First, we need to make sure that WE are not escalating situations by having expectations that are not realistic, (straight A’s, participating in things that overwhelm, expecting gratefulness, keeping rooms perfectly clean, etc) and not shaming or consequencing our children to death with burdens too much for them… (more…)


I cannot believe how quickly time has gone since my last update. But I wanted to let you know where we are today in this journey. We officially have another adult in the house! Sweetie 2 turned 18 recently, graduated from high school, received a scholarship for college and took a trip with me and several friends to Galveston Island!… (more…)

Grocery Store Bonding

This morning I headed out to do the weekly shopping. I had been doing it on a different day for quite some time, but as last weeks events took place I was unable to go on the day I typically had been going. When the girls were younger, every Friday was filled with activity including soccer, library, lunch and grocery… (more…)

I don’t know what I did. But I did it.

FIXED I tried to change my background and it cut out comments. I could not figure out how to get them back, and I tried everything! So we are back to normal. I’ll try something new more carefully next time! LOL In the process I found a few cool things to add to my side bar. 🙂 There is a… (more…)

Sweetie 2

She just breaks out into dance….. I love it!


She’s home. 🙂

Our Last Session

Tonight was our last official counseling session at the detention center. We sat and talked in a relaxed fashion and Sweetie 4 presented her safety plan, including things that make her feel safe and things that make her feel insecure. She presented safe people she can call, and ideas for coping skills. She also talked with us and her counselor… (more…)

Last Furlough

This is our very last furlough. Tomorrow she goes back at 6:30. And then, Tuesday we have our last session in the detention center. On Friday she walks out a free girl! We are almost at the finish line. And then, A new Beginning!

The Other Sweeties

I have written so much about Sweetie 4 and neglected to write about the others. 🙂 Sweetie 1 is living with her birth gramma now. She seems to be happy there, and we stay in contact. She will be 18 this month. 🙂 Sweetie 2 is 17 and is attending college as well as co op and then home schooling… (more…)

It is Happening!

Level one. Furloughs. Starting Sunday. Six Hours.

Fine Tuning

Sweetie 4 is continuing to do well in detention. We are so pleased. I KNOW that all of us are excited and believe she is going to do well, but we still have 3 months left. Honestly, I think these are NECESSARY months for her, very much like that of a baby in the womb. They COULD survive at 6… (more…)


Sweetie 4 is moving nicely through the JD program. It has been a LONG 10 months. November is the target date for her to come home, but during the next couple of months, we will be participating together with “furloughs”. It will start with 6 hours, and then back to JD… Then 12 hours and back to JD. Eventually she… (more…)

A Not So BCLC Moment

Originally Written in June 2011 We can turn our personal failures into successes A NOT so BCLC Moment: courtesy of ME! Turned into a BCLC moment…. in the end. Today started out as a great day. Everything was going well… Sweetie 4  was very excited about her treasures from the Euro Deli and said some really sweet things. Then….all of… (more…)

Sweetie 3 is Blooming

My goodness! Sweetie 3 is about to turn 18. We attended her college scholarship acceptance ceremony on Friday. It was wonderful!  The folks at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital are just amazing.  She was paired with a group of ladies who will encourage her throughout her college years and follow her until she graduates. 🙂 We sat at a table with… (more…)

Introducing Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen is our newest family member. She was born on Feb. 29th, 2016.  She is adorable and sweet! She is soaking up loads of love from the Sweeties!

You Raise Me Up

4 years ago Sweetie 2 did this dance for my birthday. 🙂 I am still in love with it. 🙂  Be blessed today! 🙂

From My Heart

I know that this past year has been so very hard on all of us.  One year ago, we started to free fall into unknown territory…. BUT GOD…. HE KNEW.  He knew when we brought all of our sweeties home. He doesn’t reveal all of our  life to us before it happens or we just might run and hide! This… (more…)

A Lovely Day!

Sweetie 2 and I headed down to Texas Scottish Rite hospital to pick up her new leg!  She was so excited to get it.  I have to say, these folks are so caring, including    caring about how things look in the eyes of our girls.   Her leg was made contoured and shapely like a real leg and she… (more…)

Where We Are For Now: Reflections

As I have been reading some of my own words in my past blogs, there is a stinging reality that takes place. My experience in parenting all of our kids has been written about over the years, and the facts are there. The good, the bad and the ugly, yet it has been mostly good. This past year has been… (more…)

Ski Trip….

Sweetie’s 2 and 3 are headed to the Texas Scottish Rite Ski Trip once again! I am so excited for them! One uses 2 skis and the other snow boards. But what they both do? The serve, they love, they have fun and they represent the Lord and our family to others. What precious gifts they are! I am so… (more…)

Merry Christmas!

We are having a really nice Christmas Season.  Of course we miss our Sweetie 4 being away from us, but we have been able to visit her, and we took her favorite foods to her yesterday so she could enjoy them with her pod mates.  The detention center does a really good job of remembering that our children are STILL Children!… (more…)

And Another One Turns 17

Sweetie one has followed Sweetie three and turned 17!!! Do you know what that means???  In the next year, we will have two adults in our home!  Wow!  How did that happen so fast? She had a wonderful Birthday today spending time with friends and family, baking a cake, and having Pizza and a Movie for tonight. This particular sweetie… (more…)

Thanksgiving ….

My other blog… 🙂 It has snuck up on us so quickly!!!  THANKSGIVING!!!! It is a time of thanks, of family gathering and reflection. I am so thankful for my family and for all the Lord has brought us through this year. I’m thankful for the experiences and life lessons and the simple family gatherings with the grand children being… (more…)

Guess Who Starts a New Job Tonight??

SWEETIE THREE! So now we have a Chicken girl and a Pizza Girl!

Things I’ve Learned From My Kids

Originally written  Sept. 2009 Baby’s EAT A LOT….they do not care if you are tired. They want to eat. They do not care if you are tired. They need to be changed;  and then they barf. Toddlers listen to commercials and can repeat them in the most embarrassing of places. Chuck, at 2 picked up a huge package of feminine… (more…)

So PROUD of Sweetie!

She’s tiny but mighty! 🙂 Her flight did great in the presentation.


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