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Ten Years….

Ten years ago, we were in Ukraine.  As many of you know, we have a book in the editing process. I wanted to share an excerpt from it here, in honor of Sweetie 3’s 10th anniversary. 🙂 This is a small part of section 3. VISITING The first days of visiting were great. We would get up and Andrew would… (more…)


So last night, when Sweetie 4 came home from school, I let her know that her paperwork arrived from the doctor. He approved her to try out for track and field!  She has been looking forward to this for weeks, and has been asking and asking,”When is he going to send the letter?” It came. Her reaction was just as… (more…)

A Compilation of Humor Over The Years

A compilation of our lives together. Here are some things I have recorded over the last several years: We were talking about some church issues with the girlies. We attend a Reformed Church, so one thing I asked the girls: “What does reformed mean?” Kristina , as always, excited to answer: “It means like, everybody there has problems!” Like, we… (more…)


I think sometimes one of the harder aspects of parenting is having the energy to play with our children, especially children who have trauma backgrounds. Time spent  with them can be taxing and exhausting, causing us to be weary and too tired to play! But one of the huge benefits of playfulness with our children, is it brings about connection,… (more…)

A Funny

Today, we were headed to the Library when Sweetie 4 asked, “Mama, can I take a water bottle into the library?” I replied, “I don’t know sweetie…. just go ahead and bring one and then you can ask.” Her reply: “No mama… I think I’ll wait.  I have a real problem with being wrong!” LOL This is great in so… (more…)

The Fingernail Polish on the Couch Post

Yep…. You read it right. There is fingernail polish on the couch; the one we haven’t even finished paying for couch. Right now, I’m going to do research to see how to remove it carefully.  But honestly, I’m afraid to try.  I don’t want to make it worse. The good news is, we didn’t get angry.  Kids are more important… (more…)

I’m Going To Be….

Sweetie 4 was baking potatoes and announced, “I’m going to be the perfect wife!” 🙂

Money Laundering

This a.m. I was  folding laundry.  I found a 5 dollar bill 1/2 out of a back pocket of a pair of jeans. So I asked the girls, “Whose jeans are these?”  Everybody said, “Sweetie 4’s.” So I gave her her jeans and gave her the 5 dollar bill. Her reply, “Oh no!  I did it again!  Now I have… (more…)


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