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“The Odd Couple”

They ADORE each other and have been together longer with each other than they have been with us.  I walked into their room and oh how their wonderful personalities just shine! 🙂 I JUST LOVE this! 🙂

Sweetie 3 is a Driver!

Sweetie 3 is officially a licensed driver! I’m so happy for her! She has over come so much in her life, and just continues to press forward; no looking back! She is driving without accommodations to the car even though she is a double amputee.  After I asked her about being able to feel the pedals, she said, “Mom, you… (more…)

Things I’ve Learned From My Kids

Originally written  Sept. 2009 Baby’s EAT A LOT….they do not care if you are tired. They want to eat. They do not care if you are tired. They need to be changed;  and then they barf. Toddlers listen to commercials and can repeat them in the most embarrassing of places. Chuck, at 2 picked up a huge package of feminine… (more…)

So There Is This Boy…. :)

The Sweeties are getting older.  Sometimes I miss the days of this:    But these days are precious too….They are just the beginning of more change. 🙂 AND CHANGE THERE HAS BEEN…. There are now “Homecoming Dances” and respectful requests to talk to “Dad”….. And pictures with good friends And special friends….. Daddy is still very special…. 🙂 And he still… (more…)

A Right of Passage

Sweetie 3 took her driver’s test to get her permit yesterday. She passed! That means, mama has to come out of retirement from teaching children to drive, and start all over again! Honestly, I wanted to pass it all over to Mike, but I know that isn’t realistic; though he will take his turns. This a.m. we went to ta… (more…)

More Funnies

Sweetie 1  asked me what pasteurized means. She noticed the orange juice was pasteurized. I explained it to her and she said, “Oh, I thought it just meant that milk came from cows that live in pastures instead of barns; kind of like free range chicken.”  LOL Tonight during Family Worship we were finishing up with prayer time. Sweetie 4… (more…)

The IKEA Field Trip

We took a really fun field trip today to IKEA. The plan was to look at the square footage set ups they have there, and compare to the square footage we have at home. I wanted them to see that it is very possible to live with WAY less! We took the square footage of our own home (1950 sq… (more…)

Green Eggs And Ham

GREEN EGGS AND HAM I always loved this story as a child.  When the boys were little, one night I read them the story before dinner and then quietly served “Green Eggs and Ham” for dinner.  I tried to act as if nothing was odd, and then I couldn’t contain my laughter when our son Joseph said with a very… (more…)

Comic Relief Part 1

A Little Comic Relief : Thank You Girlies A compilation of our lives together. 🙂 Here are some things I have recorded over the last several years: We were talking about some church issues with the girlies. We attend a Reformed Church, so one thing I asked the girls: “What does reformed mean?” Sweetie 2, as always, excited to answer:… (more…)

How Do You Know You Are In A BCLC Home?

How Do You Know You’re In A BCLC Home? Even the Blue and the Gray can hold hands and smile. 🙂

She Couldn’t Make Up Her Mind



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