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What is the Hardest Thing About Adoption?

Originally written October 2012 People often ask, “What is the hardest thing about adoption?” Honestly I find adoption to be such a joy.  But there are hard times. VERY HARD. We are in a great place right now. It seems that all of our girls are feeling safe and secure, and Miss Sweetie 4 has turned another huge corner.  She… (more…)


There are many challenges that we face when bringing a new child into our home.  As the grieving process begins, it can look very much like anger, resentment, stubbornness, disobedience and more. A wise parent will recognize it for what it is;  grief and fear. There is a world of difference in how simple willfulness is handled verses grief. That… (more…)


Sweetie 4 has been seeking out connection with us in new ways.  She loves for us to rub her back and pretend that it is raining.  She prefers a hard, steady, quiet rain. 🙂 We used to read to the girls every night before bed.  Then, they started wanting to listen to music or story cd’s, and we stopped. Last… (more…)


Today, I babysat my grandsons…… This is my youngest grand son.  Grand-Sweetie 11,  is 5 months old. I had him in his “front loader”….”back breaker”. 🙂 It is a carrier for babies.  Oh how I loved these things. When his daddy was a baby, he loved it. It was called a “Snugli”. This little guy loves it too! I couldn’t… (more…)

The Conditioning Of The Heart

The Conditioning of the Heart  originally written December 2010 My heart just aches for children who suffer.  Sometimes it is just too much to think about and so I distract myself….. but it always comes back to the fogotten, the outcast, the downcast, the unwanted, abused, the neglected…… As parents, especially those of us living in Countries where we have… (more…)

Parenting Ahead

Parenting AHEAD  (originally written  February 2012 (Both of my angels were adopted because of disruption) I posted earlier about Children not being adults here.  I wanted to follow up with a few thoughts on Parental Leadership. Our children, especially our children who have come home at older ages, have no understanding of leadership, or their need for parents.  Yes, they… (more…)

Children Are Not Little Adults

Children are NOT Little Adults (originally written  February 2012   Thank you Mike for helping to write this. 🙂 Children are NOT little Adults. They do not think like adults.  They do not reason like adults. And many times, I think WE adults, interpret their behaviors and actions, as if we were dealing with other adults. Children do not fully… (more…)


Fear and Relationship ( originally written November 2012) For those of you who have children who came to you with MULTIPLE, OVERSTUFFED Trauma bags, I pray this post can bring you hope. I have written much over the years about Trauma and FEAR and how our children, because of literally living day in and day out in a state of… (more…)

Issues With the Older Adopted Child

Issues With The Older Adopted Child (originally written in October 2011) There is much going on in the news about adoption, about older adopted children, about the possibilities of RAD, (Reactive Attachment Disorder) PTSD ,(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and FAS. (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) The questions have been asked, if  those children can have successful adoptions. I would like to explain… (more…)

Issues With the Older Adopted Child part 2

  Issues With The Older Adopted Child part 2 (written November 2011) I wrote a post on issues that older adopted children face here. In this post, I would like to discuss issues of insecurities a child faces when they come into an already existing, functioning family. Many of the older children who come home, come home to a family… (more…)


Triggers Originally Written in January 2009 Our Friday night tradition of Pizza and a movie continues, and then we all retreat to camp in mom and dad’s room for the night. It is usually a peaceful sleep, but last night was a little different. The sleeping arrangements were changed. This time Sweetie 3 slept on the cot at the end… (more…)

All About Losing

All About Losing written: Feb 2008 I have been thinking about the issue of loss and losing . We are almost 2 years down the Road with Sweetie 3, and 3 with Sweetie 2,  and 4 with Sweetie 1. Yet, the issue of loss is always there. YES there are gains, but there are also losses. Every birthday, they are… (more…)


Parenting (originally written January 2008) I have been thinking over and over how the last 30 years have changed our lives. Raising 4 boys, to Empty nesters, to raising 3 little girls. They didn’t come the usual way, or maybe they did? (kicking and screaming) Just larger. 🙂 I always say, we got our girls “potty trained and talking back”.… (more…)

An Important Message

An Important Message (originally written July 2010) I usually don’t read psychology today. In fact, I have never read it. 🙂 But today, a fellow adoptive mother sent an article that is VERY MUCH WORTH READING! The title of the article is “Kidnapped or Saved” How some children feel about being adopted. It was written after Justin was sent back… (more…)

Child Abuse and Adoption

Child Abuse and Adoption (originally written Feb. 2011) I was sickened and horrified to read about yet another child abuse/murder case of an adopted child/children.  It is just too much….. We are all capable of much sin, I know this…… and I also know there are stresses out there with parenting that can bring you to the brink…… but honestly,… (more…)

Empowered To Connect

We just spent the day at the “Empowered To Connect” conference.  It is Awesome!!!!!!! If you have the chance to attend, it is soooo worth it! September 16th update: We got home late Saturday night after spending the weekend at the Empowered to Connect conference.  If you have not heard Karyn Purvis speak, you MUST! Please consider attending a conference,… (more…)


REHOMING DISRUPTION! I refuse to call “Disruption” Rehoming. IT IS NOT. I have been asked to write a post on this because of the breaking news series from Reuters and NBC that came out this week.  You can see it here. Before you read this post… Please read and watch the links. So here goes: We were introduced to Adoption… (more…)

The Tool Box

When our first Sweetie came home to us in 2003,  she had many puzzling behaviors.  We had taken several weeks of training that was very good!  We had started to read books  to help us understand how to parent her,  yet, there was much we needed to learn and much she needed to learn. I always saw the books and… (more…)

Understanding The Fear Factor

Understanding The Fear Factor I wrote a few days ago about how Sweetie 4 felt safer in the orphanage and frightened in America when she first came home. There are  valid questions as to why that would be! How could a seemingly unsafe place without hope and without future seem safer than a loving home WITH a future?  The village… (more…)

The Ukrainian Bathroom Saga

The Ukrainian Bathroom Saga In a previous post<—- link, I wrote about how God uses even our selfishness to bring about His purposes in our lives.  I mentioned that we used McDonald’s for coffee and sometimes a bathroom, but there was a long story behind that. Here is that story! 🙂 When we picked Sweetie 3 up from the orphanage,… (more…)

Adoption Reality Vs. Adoption Fantasy

Adoption Fantasy Vs. Adoption Reality  One need look no further than the MIRROR to see that we are ALL flawed Human Beings. There are many who have answered the call to adoption either through prayer support, for those walking down the adoption path, through financial support, or actually adopting themselves. We have had the great privilege of walking hand in… (more…)

How God Uses Even Our Selfishness For His Purposes

How God Uses Even Our Selfishness For His Purposes I have wanted to share this since 2006 when I started this blog.  On our private blog we included old letters written from when we were in Ukraine.   We had shared this story with Mike’s dad.   He sent an email saying  there was a story to tell;  I am… (more…)


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