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The Test The other day, Sweetie 1 told me about getting a 90% on her geography test. She had no idea how that was possible. Yesterday, she got her test back and saw clearly the grade was a mistake! Today, on her own accord, she went in to her teacher’s class early and showed him the mistake. His response: “Why… (more…)


Both Mike and I were thinking about what the word “Trust” means and how it is used in our society.  The funny part is, I was out and about taking kids to the doctor, grocery shopping and more, and he was at home.  We had not discussed it, but when I called him, we both started talking about what our… (more…)

The Fingernail Polish on the Couch Post

Yep…. You read it right. There is fingernail polish on the couch; the one we haven’t even finished paying for couch. Right now, I’m going to do research to see how to remove it carefully.  But honestly, I’m afraid to try.  I don’t want to make it worse. The good news is, we didn’t get angry.  Kids are more important… (more…)

She Couldn’t Make Up Her Mind



I went on a jet plane to California over the weekend to spend some very special time, with some very special ladies! Christine Reed from hosted a get together on the beach in Oxnard Ca. A very sweet friend made it possible for me to attend.  ( I am forever grateful!) The Ladies I met this weekend are so… (more…)


Memories Originally Written September 2011 I wrote earlier this month about “The Unseen Clock“. I am going to extrapolate a little more on this issue as it is relevant in our family right now. 🙂 I just want to say, I am learning so much right now about trusting in my Lord.  I have been called again and again to… (more…)

The Unseen Clock and An Update

THE UNSEEN CLOCK Originally written August 2011 when Sweetie 4 had been home just 5 months. We have had such a smooth couple of weeks. Really…. everything has been surprisingly smooth! In fact, yesterday when we went to the Library, Sweetie 4 was so cute because she was wanting me to look at each book to make sure it was… (more…)


IF I HAD KNOWN IN ADVANCE Originally Written in October 2007 I am now almost 56. 🙂 I was contemplating life the other day. This is my last year of my 40’s. Next year I will be 50. Yep, nobody, NOBODY is considered young when they are 50. That doesn’t mean I can’t look great, or have energy or that… (more…)

The Great Chain Breaker, plus an update

The Great Chain Breaker originally written in December 2008 Update following article…. I remember long ago reading about abuse, alcoholism, and any other ism you want to think of. Psychologists and psychiatrists said, these things run in families, they are disorders, they run in cycles; chances are, if you were abused, you will abuse, if your parents were alcoholics, you… (more…)

Speaking Love, Bringing About Change

Speaking Love, Bringing About Change I know I talk about LOVE a lot.  BCLC’s motto is LOVE NEVER FAILS…. The Scripture says that Perfect Love Casts Out Fear….  LOVE is so very important in each of our lives. It is the driving force behind decisions we make, how we treat others, and how we view the world. Trying to imagine… (more…)


What if I were to tell you that a certain sweetie spent her first 4 years rocking back and forth in a crib; neglected, hungry, alone? What if I were to tell you that in her home country, it was not unusual for parents who have children with special needs to leave them at the hospital? What if I were… (more…)

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I just wanted to say that our Sweetie 4 went ON HER OWN to help with a special meal for 8 lovely couples.  One of those lovely couples, (us) didn’t get to make it because Mike was sick. She went anyway! I am so proud  of her.  She had a wonderful time and didn’t get… (more…)

Relationship First part 3

Over the last couple of days, I wrote two diary entries, here and here, that were fiction, but based upon real circumstances. Today, I’d like to write about concepts for both parent and child to be able to come together and heal. The weightier responsibility is on the parent, because parents are there to lead and to guide. I cannot… (more…)

Relationship First pt. 2

I wrote in part one here. There are many reasons families adopt children.  One thing is for sure, bringing a child home will change us, stretch us, and bless us, IF we are prepared to be changed and stretched and blessed. I am going to write a diary entry, based upon real circumstances, but it is fiction. Part one was… (more…)

Relationship First Part 1

Hopeful faces desiring a family: Little ones just wanting a  mama and a papa: Our little one… Sweetie 3, Shouting “Bye Bye Ukraine” at the top of her lungs! 🙂 When we adopt a child and bring them into our homes and lives, it is so very important to remember that they have had a life before us.  They have… (more…)

A BCLC Moment

A BCLC Moment originally posted 2009 I am posting this with the permission of a little girl who shall remain nameless….. 🙂 Pinkie promise. 🙂 There is a little girl, who has struggled with her math and spelling for some time now. I have been worried about holding her back for review, as I didn’t want her to get “behind”.… (more…)

Those PTSD Moments

Those Puzzling, Traumautic, Stressful, Dramas….. that can happen can challenge us to our knees in prayer. They are the hidden blessings in our lives that drive us to reach beyond ourselves and remind us that God is in control;  and He LOVES us, no matter what.  He never, EVER EVER gives up on us; never EVER, and is our example… (more…)

Exciting News

Today, Sweetie’s 2 and 3 left for Winter Park Colorado for the annual Ski trip with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.   It was such an honor for them to be chosen to go! Before they left, I made sure that Sweetie 3 had not packed her biology book, but I did find 5 cans of V8 juice! LOL  Glad… (more…)

Disrespect Is Not To Be Tolerated

Disrespect Is Not To Be Tolerated originally written in May 2011 I was asked this question: Just curious, in your post you mention “disrespect” is never tolerated in the house to you or the girls… when someone gets disrespectful what exactly do you do?DS is starting to yell over everything and really mean at me but not because of me… (more…)

So What Is Love Anyway?

So What IS Love Anyway? Originally Written June 2011 This was the question I posed to Sweetie 4 today.  Her answer? I don’t know.  She has heard people say, “I love you.”  She has heard it spoken in movies, she has heard it spoken in our home.  And her answer is exactly what I thought she’d say…. because we only… (more…)


MEETING OUR CHILDREN’S MULTI LEVEL NEEDS or High Control is Not the Answer Originally written in July 2011 I could not think of a title for this post, so it may change…..:) I was having a conversation with another adoptive parent regarding emotional ages of our children vs. actual age, or intellectual age.  I also read a few notes on… (more…)

An Update on When Older Acts Younger

I wrote in July 2011 about our Sweetie 4’s play habits, here. It has been almost 3 years and I’d like to give an update about this area of her development. There is a huge difference in her since she came home, of course. She has grown up quite a bit. She just turned 14, and much of her time… (more…)

When Older Acts Younger

When Older Acts Younger Originally written July 2011 We are going through the crazy play that much littler kids go through.  It is the typical tornado type play of much younger children when they are having GREAT fun, without the knowledge of destruction that they leave behind….. Today, I followed a path of mud pies, cups left with water, a… (more…)


PARENTING ….. (originally written July 2011) One of the great things about being a parent; you never quit learning.  I have been learning to be a better parent for 32 plus years now, and I’m still learning. 🙂  There is always a way to improve, because there are always ways to fail! Why are there always ways to fail?  Because… (more…)

How BCLC Worked Yesterday

How BCLC Worked Yesterday (originally written Jan 27, 2012) As I have written about anniversaries before, we are coming up on a few and our little sweetie has been feeling that “something” that she isn’t always able to recognize just yet….. Yesterday was a day of triumph, struggle and triumph once again.  I have debated sharing this, but feel it… (more…)

So How Long Do You Do BCLC?

HOW LONG DO YOU DO BCLC? originally written May 2012 Somebody asked, “How long do you have to do BCLC, before you can parent “Normally”? That is a VERY good question! I think what this person is asking is, “When can I show displeasure or anger at my child’s behavior as I have done with my biological children and not… (more…)

The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance originally written  June 2012 Wouldn’t it be lovely if we lived in a world of perfect balance?  Well, we don’t…. so that bubble is burst. 🙂  How is that for blunt?  LOL We had our second support group meeting tonight.  I think it went pretty well.  I am always nervous about talking too much or saying something… (more…)

Negative Messages/Positive Messages

Negative Messages / Positive Messages I took the girls shopping today and we had a wonderful time.  They like listening to the radio, so we had it tuned to a favorite station.  It is a “Christian” station, that plays some excellent music.  But over the months I have found the ads they use for commercials rather disturbing! One thing that… (more…)

Anniversary Time

Three years ago at this time, Sweetie 4 was laying in bed at night hearing loud fighting.  The people who were supposed to care for her were fighting over her.  One wanted to keep her, the other didn’t.  Attorneys were involved, an agency involved, social workers, (all of which she had no idea about) She also didn’t know that we… (more…)

A REAL Conversation Part 1 and Part 2

A REAL Conversation Part 1 and 2 (originally written Feb. 2011) An alternative title could have been: Salvaging a BCLC moment. 🙂  When a mom blows it! As much of the nation is cold, so is Texas.  In fact, it is about 18 degrees outside.  Everything is frozen. We knew it was coming, and I asked the girls to make… (more…)


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