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Intentional Development of Relationship In Everyday Life

Our last smoker lasted 15 years.  I think that was pretty good!  But it is beyond repair now and it was time to get a new smoker. 🙂 Sweetie 4 loves to help daddy.  She loves getting involved in putting things together and Daddy loves to work with her.  It is an opportunity for him to build relationship with her.… (more…)

Teaching Empathy… Updated

Teaching Empathy Updated originally written in 2008… then updated in 2011.  I was going over some notes that I had written about our earlier years with the girls, before Sweetie 4 came home.  I forgot that I had already blogged about teaching Empathy.  So, instead of re writing it, I wanted to add to it and update it.                                                    Teaching… (more…)

A New Level of Wow!

As I just wrote earlier, our 3 year anniversary has passed for Sweetie 4,  and we celebrated. It seems that all 4 of our sweeties have moved into a stride of love, acceptance and security. I have dreamed of this day coming again…. where all  just felt “right”. Before Sweetie 4 had come home, we were in a good place… (more…)

Three Years!!!!

Today  is our 3 year anniversary for Sweetie 4. 🙂 I am so amazed at how the Lord has blessed us over the last 3 years. She is doing amazingly well! Here are a few photos: The first photo was when sweetie 4 arrived! She was such a sweet, confused, angry,  lovely little girl.  She had just turned 11. She… (more…)


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