Daily Archives: March 16, 2014

Our Adoption Journey To Ukraine

We are coming up on the 8th Anniversary of Sweetie 3’s adoption.   I wanted to share our journey with you. 🙂 Our Adoption Journey to Ukraine Our adoption Journey was in 2006. Below are the emails we sent from our trip BEFORE THE TRIP Howdy there, The adoption agency called us and gave us the rundown of what will happen… (more…)

FREEWAY CHAOS and An Analogy

Freeway Chaos Yes, this is my car.  It was clean when we left for the airport to pick up Becca’s mom, who is staying in Texas for 2 weeks. On the way back from the airport, late at night, I might add, we drove right into a construction area! We were like lemmings jumping off a cliff…. one car after… (more…)


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