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On Being A Mother To Formerly Traumatized Children

On Being A Mother To Formerly Traumatized Children originally written January 2013  Today, Sweetie 4 and I went for a drive. I needed to take her with me to do a “parts run” for Mike.  It was a 2 hour diversion. I didn’t think it would be good to leave her home for that long without me there. She is… (more…)

Loving Hands Accepting Hands

Loving Hands…. Accepting Hands originally written Feb 6, 2012 What kind of messages do we give our children when it comes to our body language.  I just wrote a post below on the finger lesson.    Do our hands give the message to our children that they are loved and cherished?  Hands are very important.  We use them often to express… (more…)

The Finger Lesson

  The Finger Lesson originally written Feb 6, 2012 One thing we work really hard on around here is not accusing others.  We try very hard to not “assume” that we know what another person is feeling or thinking. I know that personally, I have been accused of things before, by another person I had never met, and it hurt… (more…)

The Next Step In Healing

The Next Step in Healing Originally written Feb 6, 2012 Yesterday was a hard day, but it was a good day too.  Yesterday showed me how far we have come as a family, and how we need to try harder in some areas in order to progress and not stagnate. This week has been a HUGELY busy week, and it… (more…)

Staying Loving and Constant and Firm and Supportive and…..

Being that bridge to get to the other side is vital! Parenting children is just the most blessed thing! It is blessed and trying and fun and eventful all rolled into one. For those parenting the average child, born into your home through love, it is challenging and joyful. For those parenting the child who comes into your home through… (more…)


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