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Putting On Love/ Putting on Christ

Putting On Love/ Putting on Christ originally written June 2013 You cannot fake love; not real, genuine love. The Scripture calls us to put on love.  There are more passages than I can quote or write here, that say the very same things.   There are many passages that describe love.  And yet, for some reason, love is not the first… (more…)


REJECTION, BULLYING and the VICTIM FACTOR originally written in December 2012 Once again, I would like to cite this artice, as I did in my previous post. There is an elephant sitting in the living room and I think it needs to be discussed. (for my foreign readers, an elephant in the living room means there is something obvious that… (more…)

After You Get Home

 After You Get Home Originally written in November 2012 Sweetie 2 and 3 in the Orphanage Sweetie 2 and 3’s groupa. 🙂 I have wanted to spend some time sharing thoughts about adoption, since it is National Adoption Awareness Month.     These are just thoughts from my heart. When you get the call…. it is Sooooo EXCITING!   All the paperwork, all… (more…)


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