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Movies and Memories and Languages

On more than one occasion we have decided to watch a movie and Sweetie 4 has reacted by saying, “No! I saw that in my old family and I hated it!” We have worked through this several times over the last 3 years and she has finally figured out that she didn’t like the movies because she didn’t understand English… (more…)

Attachment and Babies and Adoption and Connection

Attachment and Babies and Adoption and Connection originally written July 2012 This is a photo of Miss Butter at 2 months…..  Over the weekend, our son Marcus and Ivy came over with our grandsons W and Cand our grand daughter O.   As I was watching O, aka… “Miss Butter”…. I was once again struck by how INTENSE the mother-baby connection… (more…)

Thoughts About “Correction That Connects”

Thoughts About …..Correction That Connects Originally written June 2012 Our children’s beginnings… Tonight, we covered “The Connected Child” chapter 2 at our support group. I could barely get through this chapter without weeping.  Reading it once again reminded me of how NEGLECTED our children were, before they came home. 🙁 But I was also reminded of the FOUR MIRACLES that… (more…)

What Shame Looks Like

WHAT SHAME LOOKS LIKE originally written August 2012 Shame can disguise itself as ungratefulness, an attitude of superiority,  a know it all attitude, or a form of pride. Shame is one of the most common feelings of former orphans. Many of our children believe they do not deserve to have a family, happiness, material gifts or love. Sometimes they will… (more…)

The Internal Clock Visits Again

The Internal Clock Visits Again Originally written August 2012 I wrote a post called “The Unseen Clock” last year.  It was around this time last year that Sweetie 4 was having some behaviors that caused me to believe something else was going on; and it was about how we talked about it. I have written before in older posts about… (more…)


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