Residual Fears

Today I took Miss Sweetie 4  grocery shopping with me. When we were finished putting the groceries in the car, I asked  her to put the basket in the basket area and I’d drive over and meet her there.
I pulled up and she was all smiles getting into the car.

That smile reminded me of the first time I saw her in the parking lot at Walmart waiting to be picked up to start a new life.

I asked her, “Can I ask you a question and you must answer totally honest?”
She said, “Ok”.
“When I was driving up and you were putting the basket away, were you worried I wouldn’t stop? Were you worried I would drive on by and leave you?”
Her answer…. “Yes. But just a teensie weensie, not like before.” 🙂

Even still, she has her little doubts.
I told her,”Lets practice this every time we go to the store until it doesn’t happen again OK?”
She said, OK and then I got some serious snuggle time.

Folks, these are thoughts our children born to us never have.
They don’t worry that we are a few minutes late that we aren’t coming at all. They don’t worry that they will be abandoned, ever!

When a child is abandoned and rejected, it effects them greatly!
And it takes time for them to fully trust again.

I am thrilled she answered me honestly and that my gut instinct was correct.

Love that girl!

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