So Many Things We Are Learning!

The last couple of weeks have been a time of learning and pain.  Our Sweetie 4, has been suffering through some turmoil.  There have been times these last two weeks where we have changed the scenery more than once a day!   Our last post placement report was completed, and she was thrilled about that.
However, she has been struggling in a new way about her history.

Grief, reprocesses as our children get older. They work  to understand things at a whole new level.  Now that Sweetie 4 is 14,
she is understanding  what happened to her in a deeper way.
That can cause a new turmoil within.  And it did.
Oh, how I wish we had been able to take her home much younger.
She didn’t come home until 11!

Along with new understanding , she is also processing that her sister is going to marry!  She is in the wedding, and will be seeing people from her past.  To say she is scared would be an understatement.
I think this will be a great experience for her.

During our conversations with her sister, we found out that Sweetie 4 never really understood Russian that well. She was fluent in Chuvash. That explains why all of our study in Russian this year was not that fruitful!
Chuvash is a dialect spoken in the Chuvashian region of Russia. Sweetie 4 was not educated in Russian until she went to the orphanage.

We had been talking about how she couldn’t remember anything in her old language, so I decided to look up Chuvash online.   I found on you tube, a video of the Gospel of Luke in Chuvash, and then found a similar program to Rosetta Stone in Chuvash!
It arrived yesterday and she was thrilled!
She was really excited to say that she remembered some of the numbers. 🙂

We are praying that she will continue to process her grief in a healthy way, and settle back into family life, knowing she is loved and cherished.
Today was great! She had a wonderful time with extended family and  had a wonderful water fight with her daddy. 🙂
water fight 2 water fight

Love our Sweetie!

Comments warmly welcomed!


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