Empowered To Connect

We just spent the day at the “Empowered To Connect” conference.  It is Awesome!!!!!!!
If you have the chance to attend, it is soooo worth it!

September 16th update:
We got home late Saturday night after spending the weekend at the Empowered to Connect conference.  If you have not heard Karyn Purvis speak, you MUST!
Please consider attending a conference, even if it is out of state.  The cost of the conference is minimal, and there are good deals on flights. It would be cheaper than a sign up therapy session…. and most likely, MUCH MORE HELPFUL!

One of the lessons that really stuck out to me was about what their FOCUS is.
She drew a triangle upside down, and one right side up.
She wrote in one:
Connecting Principles

Empowering Principles

Correcting Principles

Draw the triangle….  The wider part of the triangle should be on CONNECTING principles…….NOT Correcting.  If you are going to therapy where the focus is on fixing the child, or focuses on “correcting”…. find somebody else.

The focus should be on CONNECTING in order to change a child’s belief about who they are.
A child who is full of shame, needs to change their belief system.  When you connect with them, the behaviors begin to change.
We have found this to be true in our own family.

Work hard to focus on relationship and connect.

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