Beautiful Days

These past few weeks of summer have been wonderful.  We have been enjoying the down time and relaxing before school starts up again.
This year is going to be very different!
We will now have 1 girl in part time college, part time home schooling.
2 girls will be attending High School, and our youngest, will be attending 8th grade in Public School.

This is a very new track for us. We have not been involved in Public Schools other than last year, since 1992.
I am thankful for the schools we do have.  We are confident we are going to have  a wonderful year!

The girls are getting ready and excited for the new changes.
Sweetie 4 is apprehensive, but moving towards excited. 🙂

This past week our sweet friends from California visited us, and their friends, (who are now our friends) who are from Houston, came to our house too! We had a housefull!  14 people in all, visiting and spending a couple of days with us.
It was so fun!

We all support each other, having children from Russia and Ukraine.
Each of these beautiful children have their triumphs and challenges, and it was lovely to see them flourishing in their families.
We love seeing our friends, and the kids have grown so much since last year!

The girls had so much fun and so did Mike and I.
We were sad to see them go.
But… there is always next year! 🙂

During their visit, we had our first support group meeting for the year, and my friend attended, leaving all the kids at home with my kids.
We had a really great meeting.  I’m so excited we are going to go back through “The Connected Child”.  But we are going to start with chapter 12.
I think it is paramount to the book. 🙂

It was really neat to hear the stories shared last night, and meet such wonderful parents!
If you are not in a support group and are local, please come and join us!
If you are far away, find a group to belong to, it is really important to not be isolated!

I have written a book.  It is in the editing process right now.
I am hoping to have it published before the end of the year.

I am so thankful for the Life the Lord has given to us.
May HE be glorified!

2 Responses to Beautiful Days

  1. Fatcatpaulanne says:

    I am very curious as to why you have made the decision to put all your girls in public schools?

    • ChristieM says:

      Our girls are doing well. They are older now, between 14 and 16. When our boys were young, we asked them if they wanted to attend high school, and they didn’t, so we continued
      home education. At this age, if they are doing well, there is no reason they shouldn’t do well in school.
      We are hoping for some special services for our youngest daughter. She has some educational special needs, just like our son did.
      But the difference is, our son was a very hard worker and was incredibly diligent. Our sweet girl does not have the same drive.
      We are hoping a change will stimulate her to learn more.
      IF NOT… and it is clear with the school, we will return to home education.
      Our oldest daughter will continue home education and take dual credits at the college.
      I never thought we’d put our girls in school, but honestly, in the district we are in,
      it is a good situation.
      Those who are in leadership in our district are strongly Christian. We have found those we have met to be supportive and
      I will most certainly blog about what happens this year. 🙂
      Our sons were in a district that was just not a good fit for our family.
      Hoping for a great year!

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