My Daughters

On Monday, all four of my daughters will be walking through the doors of schools in our area.  One will be in College, two in High School and one in Jr. High School.

Each of them, so very brave, and so very wonderful.
We have been home educators since 1992, when we pulled out of the public school system because it just did not work for us.
Our sons grew up and studied hard. I am so proud of each one of them.
Our second son, who was the main reason we began home educating, is now a Special Education teacher in the public school system.
Our other three sons are :
1. A musician
2. An accountant
3. A Doctoral Student also employed at the University.

Our sweeties started out in home education unlike their brothers.
So with the brothers, they finished with home education and with the sisters, they will be finishing with public school. 🙂

I am excited with how the Lord has been with us through deciding each of our children’s education.

I have brave children.  I will celebrate with them in their successes
and comfort them when they need comfort.
SO excited for what the Lord has in store for us this coming year!
To God be the glory!


2 Responses to My Daughters

  1. mamaV says:

    Oh mama! You are going to be a different kind of busy! I hope this transition goes well!

  2. I agree with mamaV. I am not too much a fan of homework…. But, in HS it isn’t as bad (usually not as much a waste of time) as in elementary school, and children are usually able to do it on their own. I just hope (and am pretty confident) you will be able to continue the family traditions, quality time and connection. That is the area where school did the most damage to us. But, part of that may be that we’re working around my job as well.

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