Butterflies Flying

Oh my words! I cannot describe accurately the last few days.
Our lives are changing.  The girls are growing up.  I so love these years!

Where did my girls start from?
Chaos. Neglect. Unspeakable Abuse! Abandonment! Pain!
Three came from other countries, Russia and Ukraine.
One came from the faraway land of Oklahoma, drowning in the foster care system.
Two came to us because of Disruption. (Or dissolution)  This is when an adoption fails.  The parents actually have to “divorce” their child.
It is traumatizing.  One of our girls had this happen twice!


Oh, how He loves them. Oh how He cared for them, and carefully orchestrated our lives to intersect, oh so carefully, just at the right time.
I had tears of joy when I dropped Sweetie 3 off at college yesterday.
YES! College!  She is 16.  Eight years ago, she was supposed to go to a mental institution for the REST.OF.HER.LIFE….
Why? Because she has physical handicaps.  The four years in a laying room (dying room) didn’t kill her.  The orphanage system helped her a little, because of a very precious Ukrainian lady who loved on her and taught her to go potty, speak, and eat, as much as possible….
But the system is cruel. If you are not perfect.  You are doomed to a life of institutionalization.
Our paperwork landed on the desk of the director the very DAY our sweetie was supposed to be transferred to a place she would have been left to lay once again…. and then, she would die.
After coming home from Ukraine, she had to have her feet amputated.  But she is walking!  And she is no longer in severe pain.
Today, I will proudly POST HER PICTURE!
She is SMART! She is PRECIOUS! God was watching out for her.
It took time…. and He orchestrated the unthinkable…
He orchestrated that a Mechanic and his wife, who had never been on a plane together, ever… would travel over to the other side of the world, for her.  Just for her. 🙂
Our sweet girl… who is now 16 has bravely walked through the doors of the college!  She is in COLLEGE!!!

He orchestrated that Sweetie 2, would have spent time with Sweetie 3 at that orphanage. He orchestrated that they would love each other deeply, and that Sweetie 2, even though she went to a different family first, would come to us!  Even at 5 years old, she remembered her sweet friend Sweetie 3.
She had such hard beginnings.  The laying room like Sweetie 3… and then TB. Yep, TB!!!! She spent time in a Sanitarium.  She was only in the orphanage for less than a year.  While in the Sanitarium, a wonderful man met her, and though she was so traumatized by her circumstances, he worked with her until she trusted him enough to be touched, even though the hospital staff said she would die.
She didn’t.  She LIVED…. But she not only survived! She is LOVING LIFE!  Oh my words she brings us such joy!
The little one who came into our lives 6 weeks before she turned Six years old… is the most joyful, happy, sweet girl!
And she is in High School! 🙂
And today, I will proudly post her picture!

Sweetie 1… what can I say.  She is adorable in every way.  She came to us at 5 years old through the foster care system.  It is a system of TRAUMA!
She was judged at 5.  Oh how our system fails our children!
The Lord led us to the right resources.  Sweetie 1 is thriving!
And she is in High School!  She studies hard and she has goals! 🙂
She has a Future and a Hope!
And today, I will proudly post a picture!

And then there is Sweetie 4.
What an amazing girl.  She came to us after 2 failed adoptions.
She experienced unspeakable traumas and abuses in Russia at the hands of her parents and those in her community!  What a BRAVE girl!
After TWO failed adoptions, she dared to try to love again.
It was not easy, and it has not been easy! But she has tried HARD and we have too!
And we LOVE each other.  We love each other so very dearly!
The traumas inflicted on Sweetie 4 have been horrific.  But GOD….
This week, she walked through the doors of the Local Jr. High.
She got on that bus so bravely, and I shed tears of joy. 🙂
And today, I will proudly post a picture!

Can God orchestrate that 4 sweet girls would come together as sisters from all over the world , to such unworthy parents?  You bet He can!
We have learned so  much about Love and the Human Spirit!
We have learned so much about the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father for us!

And now… The time has come for our little butterflies to SOAR.
The Lord is Good.   And I am one blessed Mama.  🙂


4 Responses to Butterflies Flying

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You are my inspiration.

  2. kimbabucha says:

    Oh how I love this post on a day like today when I feel so much like and “unworthy parent”. 🙂

    Such stories of love and courage!!! What a lucky mama you are!! 🙂

  3. mamaV says:

    I am always astonished at the beauty of each of your daughters.

    You should tell them I said that 😉

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