Role Play

role play
We had a huge weekend that began last Thursday when we left to go to the Russian Embassy to get Sweetie 4’s passport.
Of course, on Wednesday night, she was scared to go and declared that she was NOT going to go! And we could not force her!  We comforted her in her fear, and then asked
“What snacks do you want for the trip? Let’s all get to bed so we can get packed and ready to go.  You will be safe.  Love you!  Night!”  And she went off to sleep.

Just as expected, in the a.m. she was fine, and we all headed out on our journey.
It was joyous to get that passport into our hands!  She no longer has to go to that embassy unless she wants to! 🙂

So, fast forward to Sunday evening.
Sweetie 4 was a little dysregulated and while Daddy was trying to explain something, she walked away in frustration.
The first thing he did was to try to reconnect with her.  To our surprise, she actually came back in a few seconds and said she was sorry for walking away!
He asked her if there was anything she needed, to which she replied, “Not really.”

He then was going to discuss what precipitated the walking away.  She wasn’t getting it, so it was decided that they could do role play!  ( choosing a different tool! )
She got to be daddy and daddy got to be her!  Not only did she engage (connect)
She really got into it with a smile!  And so did daddy!
Then, they ROLE PLAYED how things could have gone differently!
They came up with a few ways things could have been done…

And she learned!
They then tried a “redo”….. and it went beautifully!

We decided to watch a movie to wind down and guess who requested to snuggle with Daddy during the movie?
Yep, Sweetie #4. 🙂

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