A Right of Passage

imagesSweetie 3 took her driver’s test to get her permit yesterday.
She passed!
That means, mama has to come out of retirement from teaching children to drive, and start all over again!

Honestly, I wanted to pass it all over to Mike, but I know that isn’t realistic; though he will take his turns.

This a.m. we went to ta parking lot to start and she did a really good job.  When she started the car, I cringed, feeling that moment years ago with the boys when they started the car.
I’m a big chicken! Ok!
Putting a child at 16, behind the wheel of a huge beast of a car is scary, even if I am strapped in, and the government says they know enough to drive!

But there was a relaxed atmosphere and when we were finished, Sweetie 3 said, “Mama, I’ll remember this day the rest of my life!
Just like when I remembered coming home and pulling back the covers to my bed and smelling the fresh sheets!

Awww. Heart. Melt. Moment.

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