Stretching and More Stretching

The girls entered College, High School and Jr. High this year.  It is a year of stretching and learning for all of us.  It is good!
Some of the new social settings have been a little shocking. We were pretty “protected” in our little cocoon of love, and the girls have been exposed to some realities that are out there.
There are broken families, broken teachers, broken lives.
But there are also some really great people and great teachers and those who are living their lives to the fullest!

All of them are blossoming and I am so thrilled to see their progress.
They are studiers and it seems like at night, their rooms remind me of “dorm rooms” at college where everybody studies and eats! LOL
They have all developed good study habits and I am proud of them.

But there are times when a little fear takes over and maybe the stretching has been too much; especially for Sweetie 4.
She was stretched twice this week.  One was for a poetry project that is very abstract, and she became overwhelmed because she just couldn’t get it.  The tears flowed, and some letters were exchanged between her teacher and me.  We both felt she could do more than she had, but she was going to need some extra help.
Then, there was her art class. Now you would think Art would be her favorite. Nope.
She doesn’t like the structure required and just like I get “writer’s block”, she gets “artists block”.
She was chosen for a National Art Competition, and her perfectionism took over.  “It isn’t going to be good enough!”
“I’m not good enough.”
She had been given 14 days in class and at home to complete her project.  She started it a few days ago.  I was reminding her as was her teacher.
She was overwhelmed with the responsibility, but I knew she could manage it.
She pulled a little trick to get out of it.  There was a paper I was supposed to sign to enter the contest. She didn’t give it to me.
So yesterday, she said, “Mama, I can’t enter that contest after all because you didn’t sign the paper.”
“What paper?”
“The permission slip.”
“I didn’t know there was one!”
“Well it is too late now.  I’ll just turn this in as a free draw. It isn’t very good and isn’t really completed.”

This a.m. at around 10:00 a.m. I got a call.
“Mama, can you come to the school and sign my permission slip?”
Oh… “My teacher wants to talk to you too.”
We were on the same page.
The teacher went the extra step and Stretched Sweetie 4.
I told her she was just afraid, and needed the push.
Sooo, guess who’s work was just entered into the art contest?
“I don’t like that teacher anymore mama.”
” You’ll like her later and appreciate what she did for you!”

Our other girls are learning about relationships of all kinds.
Sweetie 2 said, “Why do boys always want to be your boyfriend and then they get their feelings hurt when you aren’t interested?” 🙂

Sweetie 1 is deep into her ROTC routine and actually flew a plane!
Sweetie 3 had a new challenge this week at college, trying to navigate been a teen and also being around older people.
She has a great head on her shoulders and is doing really great.
She just needs to trust her gut and be confident.

And me?  Well…. I am just enjoying watching all of them grow up into the young ladies God has designed for them to be.
What an honor!

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