Sweetie 4 Turned 15!!

Our 4 year anniversary is quickly coming up (March 2nd) and Sweetie 4 has turned 15!  She is far from the little girl we picked up in North Carolina 4 years ago!  So much has happened!
She is growing up!!!
Her bio sister and brother in law came down and surprised her for her birthday. It was really fun!
I love it that the girls are back together after so much trauma.
We pray that their brother will be with them soon.
The great news is he did wish her a happy birthday!!!

There are many changes taking place in our sweetie. She has been all over the place riding the roller coaster of emotion!
One thing we have learned, and reminded ourselves  to not do, is to not ride that roller coaster with her.  We need to be that firm and steady tree planted by rivers of life giving water.  We can sympathize, suggest, listen, speak…. but NOT ride!
There have been days that I have failed at that, and jumped on for the ride!
I’m thankful for Mike when he says, “Don’t ride!” LOL

15 is hard for any girl, but for a girl with huge trauma, it can be SUPER hard!

Honestly….. I will be very happy when 8th grade is OVER and she can move into Summer, to be nurtured for awhile before she begins high school.
She will be with her sisters in high school and that will be a safety for her.

I have a few posts rolling around in my head that are more specific to how we are working as a team to keep her steady and get her through the teen years with success!


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  1. I thought I was the most stellar trauma-mama until my sweetie entered puberty. Then – what a ride!

    The new issue is that she thinks she shouldn’t have to take medication. Oh….dear.

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