A Celebration!

Friday, we celebrated Sweetie 3’s 9th Anniversary!!!!
She is such a precious girl.  She came home at almost 8 years old from a special needs orphanage in Ukraine.  Her journey has been nothing but miraculous!

Sweetie 3 is blossoming into a beautiful young woman and let us know that she will be voting in the next election! WOW!
That puts things into perspective, doesn’t it!

She has brought us great joy since the day we met her.  We have watched her overcome obstacle after obstacle, including amputations, and reconstructive surgeries.
Nothing has held her back from love.

Sweetie three oozes the Love of Christ to everybody she meets.
She ministers to her sisters,  as well as friends.  I often see her encouraging one of her sisters.  She loves helping all she can around the house and does a great job.

Today, she is still home educating and also attending the local Jr. College where she is taking Russian.
I went to a recent conference on Language where she was a presenter.
She did a fantastic job.

AND…. drum roll please…….
She is learning to DRIVE!  🙂
Nope, we cannot hold this one back.  🙂
And we wouldn’t want to!

We are turning in her second to the last post placement report to Ukraine.  The last one will be due when she turns 18.
I am so thankful that the Lord brought her into our lives!

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  1. A celebration, indeed. Congratulations.

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