We planted 2 fruit trees about 12 years ago in our front yard.  One of them died and the other one lived.  It was a pathetically sickly little tree for its first few years, and then it seemed to have deeper roots.  Every year it would blossom, but all the blossoms would fall off prematurely, and there was no hint of fruit.

I began to question if it was even a real fruit tree!
I knew that we needed a pollenator for this tree, but there were other trees in the neighborhood that should have sufficed.

As the years went by, no fruit came.  We cared for the little tree and it grew larger, slowly, larger.

I actually FORGOT what kind of fruit tree it was, because it never bore any fruit.
I just treated it like my “smallish shade tree” that didn’t really produce much shade.  I was disappointed.

It finally got big enough that it was rather pretty with all its blossoms in the spring, and this year, I was sitting on the porch swing admiring that tree.
This year has been ESPECIALLY rainy here in Texas.  In fact, we have had RECORD rainfalls.  And my little tree seemed to really like all that rain!
It was larger and greener than ever before!

Well, about a week ago, we were walking past the tree to get into the car and  as we walked by, one of the girls exclaimed with excitement, “LOOK MOM!”
I had stopped looking at the tree to examine it for fruit YEARS ago!

But there WAS FRUIT!  In fact, there was a decent amount of fruit!
Not loaded down, but FRUIT!
I was filled with joy for my little tree as it produced its first fruit!

I remembered now it was an apricot tree and now we can buy a pollenator for it to help it along to have more fruit!
BUT wow!  APRICOTS! They are sweet and delicious and OH how I have longed for that tree to produce fruit!
And now, it has!  I’m proud of my little tree!

So what does this have to do with adoption you might be wondering???

Well, FRUIT of course!  The fruit that is produced in our lives after much fertilizing and watering,  ss we pour ourselves into our children. Some of them produce fruit, healthy fruit, much easier than others.
We may find ourselves in a place where we get discouraged and no longer expect fruit.  We might even think that there is no life to produce the fruit; that the relationship that we have worked so hard to create,  is barren.

Well hang onto your hat!  Don’t forget to look up with expectation and hope!  Those little seeds you have planted, that fertilizer of love that you have poured onto and into your child’s life WILL take root and will produce fruit!
Don’t get discouraged when they seem to blossom and then those blossoms quickly fall away and they seem to go backward.  It just might take a much longer time to produce healthy fruit than expected!  Don’t forget to look up for the blessing!
Be thankful for the little blossoms because they are required to produce that fruit, even if they do fall of prematurely, at some point, they will remain!

Don’t Give Up!

I have some good news! I’ll write about it soon. 🙂

Comments warmly welcomed!


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