Simple Lessons For Healing #1

I am planning to write a series of life lessons that we have used over the years to help our girls.  This one was actually from today.
If you enjoy it, or use it, please leave a comment and let us know how it worked in your family!

I designed this object lesson (a spinoff from an old marriage counseling lesson with some tweaks)  because Sweetie 4 believes family would be happier without her sometimes. She loves us in her own way, , but does not understand how much she is deeply loved by all of us.  She was thinking she could just go away and everything would be as if she were never here. That is NOT clear thinking!


Today’s object lesson went like this.
Supplies needed: 1 piece of card stock paper
1 piece of construction paper any color (but different from card stock)
Card stock paper represents the family.
Construction paper represents a member of the family.. .(said child object lesson is for)
GLUE the papers together with a glue stick. Glue it well… not just on the edges.
SEAL IT…. to illustrate a covenant.
Then, ask what a covenant is?
She answered, “an agreement?…. or a commitment?”
Family is STRONG when they are committed to each other. (card stock)
When you came to the family, we made a covenant to be your family, no matter what. Richer, poorer, sickness, health, if we lose everything or gain everything…. we are committed to each other. YOU.
Do you really REALLY think, being away from family will make us happy?
(this was said before…as in, if I’m gone you will all be happy again)
Do you really believe that you have had no effect your family?
Of course you have! We love you. Love effects us. Commitment effects us.

So you think you can leave a covenant without effecting the other members of the covenant or yourself?
Let’s see how this works….
Try to separate the sheets of paper.
What happens is the one color is stuck to the other color and the construction paper trying to separate from the card stock paper is shredded.

So, not only is there a huge impression left on the family paper, the family member trying to leave is shredded in the process.

1. Lesson one….. family is committed no matter what.
2. Lesson two….. dividing family EFFECTS the family greatly!
There is no such thing as a clean breakaway!
Now try to glue the shredded paper the best you can, back to the family.
Do your best! The paper was glued greatly, but there were obvious signs that the paper had been severely damaged in the process. YET…. even though there was damage, the paper held strong BECAUSE it was glued to the family paper. (the card stock)

3. Lesson three….. Even though there are trials and struggles, we are not shredded
and alone when we STICK to our family and allow them to love
and help us to heal. In fact, we can be STRONG and we won’t
fall apart.

End of object lesson… Big hugs.
You can make this stuff up as you go. Everything in life makes a great object lesson. smile emoticon
Teach them as you go throughout life…. on the wayside, as you walk, as you garden as you work, as you fold laundry…..

But don’t forget to be quiet.

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  1. I am not sure I need this one in my family right now, but I promise you I will be putting it into one of our lesson plans for religious education as an illustration for the importance of each of us in the Family of God!

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