Catching Up

Well, school has been in full swing for about 7 weeks and the girls are all doing well.  Testing has begun for sweetie 4 at the local high school to make sure she is getting the proper supports.

She has been able to keep herself out of detention for the last 10 weeks!

We have a great support team at the school, but this does not come easy.  In order to build a support team you have to let people know what is going on and your private lives are no longer private.  Being honest and keeping good records goes a long way to find the right advocates.  Not everybody will be on board, but many will and honestly you don’t need everybody.  You DO however need a team.

Our team consists of principals, school counselors, psychiatrist, family doctor, art therapist, family therapist, and probation officer.
It is a team we never dreamed we would need, but they make a good team.
We keep them updated on Sweetie’s status and how she is doing.
She continues to struggle, but with lots of input we have made some specific changes in direction and we are doing better than before.
We have a LONG ways to go with her to feel that she is “out of the woods”.
She can be a sweetheart, and she can also turn on a dime and be quite dangerous in her behaviors.  At 15 1/2, some of the decisions she is making keep us on our knees.
But that is OK.
We are here to love her, and see her through.  We are trying hard to be her guides through this very dark time and hopefully she will see light.

On a lighter note, Sweetie’s 1-3 are all doing great.  Sweetie 2 has surgery next week. Sweetie 1 is in college and got a B+ on her first paper in English!  Way to go!!!
Sweetie 2 continues to flourish in ROTC.

AND we have just had our 12th grandchild!  A girl! 🙂
(well, WE didn’t have her, but our daughter in law did!) 🙂

Comments warmly welcomed!


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