What a trail we have plodded in the last year and a half!  Sweetie 4 began to spiral out of control about that long ago.  Since then, we have been building a team to help us navigate through the tough job of parenting a child with such a difficult background, who is struggling with mental health, behavioral, hormonal, esteem, and spiritual issues.
Let me start with, my thankfulness for those in the adoption community who walk the walk and talk the talk of unconditional love, and encourage through example, the path of love.
Over the years, I have met so many, many people, too many to name, who have brought great insight and wisdom into our lives.
A HUGE Thank you.  You who blog, write, speak,share, THANK YOU.
For many, MANY families, all that is needed is a strong support group, system, family, friends and church family.  But sometimes, you need more.
In the case of Sweetie 4, we had to reach outside of our typical community and outside of our comfort zone.

We are also,  SO THANKFUL for the team of people who have come into our lives to help us help HER navigate these next few years.
With all of our other children who have come from difficult backgrounds, we have navigated the waters with them fine, and they have succeeded without extra intervention, other than us continuing to learn and study how best to parent them.
With Sweetie 4, we are on a completely different plane.  We have never worked so hard!  We thought we had before, but we had no idea. 🙂
As we have continued down this road, we have felt the Lord’s blessing in each of the people who have come into our lives.
Sweetie 4’s art therapist is provided  through the Child Advocacy Center. They are a WONDERFUL resource for therapy and specialize in TRAUMA!  They are also free of charge!  I don’t think we could have a better art therapist! She is awesome!
Our favorite social worker is coming to our home and doing family therapy, because the extreme behaviors Sweetie 4 has, has brought a tremendous amount of stress to the other sweeties and to us.  She has been by our side for almost 13 years, and we are so thankful for her insight and ideas!  Our newest experience is with a psychiatrist.
She is AWESOME! She was appointed by the court and could not be a better fit!
Then there is our pastor and elder who are our prayer partners.  They play a VITAL role in encouragement.
Our family doctor is part of our team.  And then there is the school.
Thankfully, we are in an awesome district, and I could not have asked for a better school.  They are all together in working to help Sweetie 4 succeed.
Then, we have a probation officer.  This is probably the most difficult person to trust,  on our team, but she IS on our team.  Her role is law enforcement, not therapy, and not counseling.  It has taken some getting used to, but I think she is doing a good job.

All of these people collaborate together and support us as parents!
How awesome is that!
Lastly, we have our family…. They are awesome and we could not do what we do without them.

One thing I have learned is that there are many GOOD people out there who are well trained.  The Child Advocacy Centers are nation wide and we have found excellent care there.
We plan to attend a parent support group soon through them.

It is important to realize when you cannot do things on your own.  It is not a failure to ask for help.  Of course Parents are the primary and best source of help and healing in their children’s lives, but when circumstances are extenuating, and extreme, reaching out for PROPER and SUPPORTIVE help is a good thing to do!
While this time has been extremely difficult, we have learned so very much, and we are continuing to learn.

Sweetie 4 is going to therapy and enjoying it. 🙂
This is a HUGE change from 6 months ago!

So thank you to ALL those who serve in the mental health community and GET trauma!  Thank you for understanding and being a support!

If your child is in need of more than you can provide as a parent, and things are not improving, do not hesitate to find PROPER help.
Start with your adoption social worker and they can guide you from there.
Hang in there, and remember, LOVE NEVER FAILS!

2 Responses to TEAM WORK

  1. Erin J. says:

    We’ve had to step way outside our comfort zone and experience this year too, but it’s been good. God has led us to some wonderful trauma therapists and we love our girl no matter what too. They are worth it, our girls! And yes, therapy for me too. 🙂

  2. ChristieM says:

    I am so impressed with our team of folks. So happy you have found a good team too. 🙂

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