So There Is This Boy…. :)

The Sweeties are getting older.  Sometimes I miss the days of this:The princesses on teh swing another fairy princess

duck girls DSCF0076 DSCF0084-1  boys%252Band%252Bgirls
4 girls
But these days are precious too….They are just the beginning of more change. 🙂kids

100_9809There are now “Homecoming Dances”
and respectful requests to talk to “Dad”…..
And pictures with good friends
friendsAnd special friends…..
erika and jon

Daddy is still very special…. 🙂

And he still takes the girls out on Thursdays.
He has been faithful to spend time with them and guide them.
They will always treasure their Thursday nights which are including a lot more driving! 🙂
As much as I love the earlier stage, I LOVE this stage too.
There are already requests being made to arrange for special Christmas Eve dinners with other families, and slowly but surely these sweeties will be ALL GROWN UP!
I am so proud them!  It just brings JOY to my heart to see them flourishing.
And I am in AWE of the process!

2 Responses to So There Is This Boy…. :)

  1. MamaV says:

    With daughters as gorgeous as yours I’m sure you saw this coming…

  2. Dagbjört says:

    I was catching up – reading the last 5 blog posts!
    You are wonderful parents and I’m sending warm thoughts to the whole family.
    Amazing to see how much the sweeties have grown 🙂

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