Tonight we will be visiting with Sweetie 4 at the detention center.  I have not seen her since Monday.  We  don’t know what to expect, other than the usual smell of the center when you walk in, the heavy doors, the buzzer that locks you into a room and the glass window that divides us and keeps us from being able to touch each other.  She will have a phone and we will have a phone.  Mike and I will take turns talking for the 30 minute visit, and then we will go home.
And she will be escorted back to her pod.
It is just so stinking sad. 🙁

I was reading up on Borderline Personality Disorder, which has been a diagnosis being thrown around for Sweetie 4.  The disorder is one of the most difficult types of mental illness.  Treatment is difficult.
And if she doesn’t want to try, there is nothing we can do.
Right now, she doesn’t want to try.
Will maturity make a difference?  I sure hope so.

But for now, we wait and watch the process unfold before our eyes.
So we visit and we talk… “What did you eat? What are you reading?”
“We have a baby chicken named Martin.”
Maybe she will smile and say ” aww, I want to see him. ” Or, maybe she will shrug her shoulders and say, “I don’t care.”
There is no way to know.  So we will smile and say, “We have a new baby chicken named Martin.”

It is a helpless place to be.  But we are not without hope.
And there are lives to live and activities to attend!
We will be attending our favorite celebration of the Harvest
with good friends.
It is just so sad that Sweetie can’t be a part of it.

5 Responses to VISITING

  1. MamaV says:

    Praying for a soft heart for sweetie!

  2. Jean says:

    Prayers for strength and grace for you and Mr. M – and I’ll keep S4 in my prayers more regularly. *HUGS*

  3. Annie says:

    It’s hard to pray for a soft heart for her, because I don’t know if that wouldn’t hurt you (and her) more….if she was heartbroken and sobbing to come home.

    I remember visiting at the psych hospital. Having to empty pockets and leave all outer clothing, purse, etc. behind.

    But, at least we could sit on his bed and chat Those phones would be so hard.

    But, it is amazing, truly how God enables us to do what we must do. He will be there with you.

  4. Lu says:

    When you first wrote about her going to the detention center I really wanted to write something , but I didn’t know what to say. I am really sorry your family is going through this, I can only try to imagine how hard it must be.

    I found your old blog by chance a few years ago when I was quite young, and even though our lives are completely different I kept reading because I love the way you look at life. I love how you don’t give up , how you are always hopeful and how you are very insightful. I am sure it’s not always easy to be like that. I admire you a lot, I admire your faith, not only in the religious sense, but your faith in life and in people. So I really just wanted to stop by and say I am really sorry this is happening and I truly hope things change for the better.

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