Glue Sticks Are For Gluing

Glue Sticks Are For Gluing

This post was written October 2010

I have heard more than a few times last year and this year, folks are using GLUE STICKS; the larger foot long kind;  you know the ones we get for our crafty glue guns??  They are using them to “spank” their children.

I’m sorry, but GLUE STICKS ARE FOR GLUING things. They are meant for fun family projects…. Not this!
So, I googled it….. and sure enough, just as I suspected once again…. there is a group of people on the internet recommending glue sticks be used as “a rod of correction”.

If you believe in spanking. Fine. This post isn’t about that. Spanking vs. not spanking will be an eternal debate in this country.   This post is about  common sense and not harming children.

WHAT IS GOING ON????    We are such a society of extremes.
I read several posts such as: “the liberal left who wants to keep you from any form of disciplining of your children”, and then,  “the extreme fundamentalist right who wants to beat their children for pleasure”……  Those are really near quotes from some of the wesites and blogs I went to.
Frankly, I think both of those extremes are emotionally charged statements that don’t solve anything and certainly don’t lead to somebody with an opposing view to soften their ideas.

(I won’t send you on a wild goose chase, just google for yourself, it will keep you up all night)
Keep in mind these names: Michael and Debi Pearl,  The Ezzos, Richard Fugate . There are others.
Their books have been around awhile.

I read Mike and Debi Pearl’s book a long time ago, when their name kept popping up, and when I kept hearing about how selfish babies are and how they need to be trained from newborn not to demand being fed, held, etc. ????? I’m serious,  I got totally freaked out.  The Ezzo’s are regurgitated Pearls in a nicer package, but the message is basically the same.

One of the problems with these people is they prey on insecurity, guilt and fear. They tell you if you don’t do things THEIR way, which is OF COURSE, God’s way, then your kids will grow up to be unrepentant  ax murderers and it will all be your fault!  That is a basic synopsis.  In fact, I did a book review one time and was shocked at the venom, just because I dared to disagree with a certain book.
Of course, my soul’s eternal state was in question, all because I didn’t agree with the person’s book!

People Please!  “Train Up Your Child in the way He should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” IS NOT an etched in stone command that guarantees your child’s sure salvation.  No man comes to the Lord unless the SPIRIT draws.
If you are going to take that Proverbs passage literally, then you will have to take the entire poetic book literally and make it all fit into a neat little theological box…..It won’t, because it wasn’t meant to be literal.  The word used for “in the way he should go”, is talking about a child’s strength or “bent”…… meaning….. if he is great at carpentry, teach him the skills, and when he is old, he won’t depart from being a carpenter, or a plummer, or a musician or a seamstress….. fill in the blank!  But it is just an observation.

After 30 plus years of hearing this type of stuff…… ENOUGH! I am sad to see young parents drawn into the same illegetimate garbage of the day. I am sad to see them saddled with guilt,burdens and fear, that if they don’t do things just like so and so, their child will not grow up to serve God.   IT IS NOT TRUE!  There is NO scripture that says this.

Scripture says CLEARLY, “He who does not DISCIPLINE his son, HATES his son!”  THIS IS A TRUE FACT….. but what is discipline? That is the million dollar question…. Sadly, for many, all it means is punishment, and punishment is NOT = to  discipline.


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  1. kyhtak says:

    I agree that this verse does not guarantee that a child will walk in the way he or she was raised, no matter how godly their environment. After all, heaven had a Lucifer-turned-Satan and he had the most perfect “training” anyone could ever have. (See Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-10; Revelation 12:7-11; Luke 10:18, etc. You’ll do better with the KJV than with some of the more “modern” translations, especially with Ezekiel 28.) However, the example of truly godly parents will go much farther with a child than a professed “Christian” whose every-day life is anything but a reflection of the King of Lovers.

    I recently heard Proverbs 22:6 quoted a slightly different way: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, IT (‘the way he should go’) will not depart from HIM (‘the child-turned-adult’).”

    I haven’t really dug into this verse to see if this perspective is in harmony with the original text, but it does put an entirely different twist to the verse, and gives a lot of food for thought. It also seems to be more in harmony with the Bible as a whole.

    When we train our children in the ways of the Lord, they will be just as unable to completely shake that training as they are to shake the traumatic pasts they have had. They may be able to shove it into their subconscious (for a while), but they cannot totally erase it. Godly childhood training gives the Holy Spirit tools to work with, to draw a wayward child back to the walk with the Lord he or she has wandered away from, tools that are unavailable to Him when wooing those with zero spiritual background.

    Just a perspective to consider.


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