From My Heart

I know that this past year has been so very hard on all of us.  One year ago, we started to free fall into unknown territory….
BUT GOD…. HE KNEW.  He knew when we brought all of our sweeties home.
He doesn’t reveal all of our  life to us before it happens or we just might run and hide!

This past year, though extreme and difficult, and we know MOST people do not have these experiences in their families, has been good.  Can you say that a year has been good, even though it has brought unspeakable sadness and heartache?  YES.
But ONLY in Christ.

I am grateful, so VERY grateful for the experiences we have had.
WHY?  Because  pain teaches, and pain sharpens.  We are more focused.  We are more determined. We are TOGETHER as a FAMILY!
We have worked hard over the years to help in the adoption community.  We wanted to spread the message that there is HOPE and there is HEALING in regards to adoption issues within families.
We have wanted to share how our girls have adjusted, learned new languages, accepted their past and looked forward to their future.
And we have….. the triumphs AND the tragedies.

And while things have turned in directions unexpected, we are grateful for the girls who are pressing ahead and doing fantastic,
and for the girls who have challenged us in every way imaginable.
It is our desire to take what we have experienced and  learned, and share with you, our readers in order that we can come together and help our children to heal into adulthood.

I want to say without hesitation…..
We are encouraged by recent events with Sweetie 4.  We have GREAT HOPE for her.
We are struggling as we continue to mourn Sweetie 1.  But we are not without hope.
Sweetie’s 2 and 3 are doing fantastic, and soon will be 18 and 17.
They are working hard in school at home and at college.
Sweetie 2 was accepted to a specific Co Op to take Physics next year!
She is excited and nervous about that.

We are so thankful for those who have prayed for us over the years.  We continue to be in the trenches of raising these children to adults.
HEALTHY adults.
We have found that there are seasons of blessing and seasons of rain.
But in the RAIN, there is blessing!
Our hearts hurt and our hearts rejoice.
Adoption is not just raising a family.  It is a calling.
That calling DOES NOT CHANGE when things are hard.
IT makes it all the more confirmed.
And we will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,
GIVE UP.  NEVER EVER.  Because God does NOT give up on us!
Oh how I love my sweeties, sweeties in law and our grand sweetie’s too!

2 Responses to From My Heart

  1. melin says:

    I’m so glad to read your post. I was just thinking this morning that I hoped you would be transparent thru the journey. Otherwise everything you’ve shared previously would seem sort of empty. And by transparent I don’t mean tell all – not at all!
    But hearing another’s victories and struggles make a person so much more credible to me. Do you know what I mean? Mourn is a strong word and yet I know you are not overstating your grief.

    Some of the truest words every spoken were by Dr. Dobson when he said, “Parenting isn’t for cowards.” No, indeed. Ready or not, we press on with great hope because we too have been lost and now we are found.
    With fondness,

    • ChristieM says:

      Melin, I totally agree. If we only share the good, and hide from the troublesome, it isn’t real.
      Life IS messy! Even in the Christian walk, it is messy!
      I was so refreshed to catch up with an old friend yesterday. We talked for hours and hours, until the sun went down.
      (out at the picnic tables under the trees) She didn’t know all the things going on, and as I shared, she began to share and we
      had some very similar paths that we didn’t even know about.
      It wasn’t a “misery loves company” sort of conversation, but more of a “God will equip you to walk this path” sort of conversation. 🙂
      It is also true I am not overstating my grief.
      This stuff hurts. And I hurt for my girls who are hurting.
      These are things I cannot fix. It is a path THEY will have to walk, but we will be here.
      The prodigal’s father did not go after him, but when he came back, he welcomed him with open arms.
      We are not just called to love our neighbor as ourselves, but to LOVE as CHRIST has loved! That is a much higher
      Dr. Dobson was correct! 🙂

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