An Eventful Week

Wow! What a week!  We had visitation with Sweetie 4,  insurance folks coming around to help with the estimates on our house because of GIANT hail, a scholarship interview for Sweetie 3,
a needle biopsy for me in the bottom of my foot, visiting a sweet friend at Scottish Rite Hospital, as her son graduated from the hospital today, and then family night with our youngest Son.
DUDE!  That was a lot!

Sweetie 3 is a finalist for a scholarship opportunity!  We are so excited for her.  She is finishing up high school this year and we will celebrate with a big BBQ.  And she will have one year of college completed upon high school graduation!

Our sweet friends, we just love them. Their son is in college now and is also from Ukraine.  I love it when we get to visit, as they live in the Houston area and we live in the Dallas area.
So today, I dropped Sweetie 3 off to visit while I went to the doctor with Sweetie 2.
I have had a problem with my foot for more than 6 months but had no time to pay attention to it.  It was time.
I will be having surgery on my foot soon…. I have two small masses in my foot that are most likely benign. We were hoping they were cysts and could be drained, but that didn’t happen, because they weren’t cysts.
The foot numbing experience was rather painful. Sweetie 2 came along with me for moral support.
She sat with her books and when the Dr. started she said, “Oh wow. I’m glad I’m not you!”  LOL

We visited with Sweetie 4 on Wed night and it was a decent visit.
She was back to saying that she only wants us to listen to her and offer no parental input.  She was talking about when she gets out and goes to military school.  I think she is really scared about getting out.  She moved to a new level and we are pleased with that.

Sweetie 1 announced she is wanting to get married.  She wants us to sign a paper giving permission.  We are in the middle of talking with her about this, and could use much prayer!  Lordy!

It has been an evening everybody has looked forward to.  Friday nights are family night and each week a different person gets to choose what to do. Sweetie 2 chose game night, so her brother came over to play Dominion. 🙂
They are still playing and having a great time.

And here I am, foot throbbing and blogging. 🙂
God is Good!

4 Responses to An Eventful Week

  1. Hailey says:

    Way to go Sweetie 3! Does she know what she might want to study? I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned that before.

  2. Good luck with the foot! I loved your Sweetie’s comment – nothing like honesty!

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