Fine Tuning

Baby_Feet_1809101cSweetie 4 is continuing to do well in detention. We are so pleased. I KNOW that all of us are excited and believe she is going to do well, but we still have 3 months left.

Honestly, I think these are NECESSARY months for her, very much like that of a baby in the womb. They COULD survive at 6 months if they are born early, but it is harder. That last 3 months is a time of fine tuning and putting the finishing touches on very important parts of the body.
In the same way, these last 3 months will be fine tuning for Sweetie 4. The things she has learned, NEED to have those finishing touches in place so that she can live with ease and not struggle.

(this is how I explained it to her during our last visit)

Our “baby” is coming back to us. We don’t want her to come too early. The right time, which will be all in God’s timing will be just perfect. 🙂

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