48 Hour Furloughs AND The Countdown Begins

Seventeen days from today, Sweetie 4 will be home. HOME…. and WHOLE.
Any of you who are regular readers know that the past year and a half has been very hard.
Sweetie 4 spun out of control and eventually crossed an uncrossable line.
This brought the legal system into our lives, and for a little over a year she has been
in Juvenile Detention.

The JUVENILE Detention in our area, OUR particular area, is not just detention or punitive..
It was exactly what she needed. It is a therapeutic rehab program. She has been getting INTENSIVE
group and individual counseling. And she is doing WONDERFULLY.
She was unable to cope and we were not able to do what we needed to do on our own.
We NEEDED help!
BECAUSE of the county we live in, and I do believe it was a divine appointment for her,
we were able to get the help we needed.
It has been a journey. A LONG journey.
It has been painful, and rewarding and I do believe we are going to move ahead and she will
go on to be successful. She is going to make it!
I’m SO PROUD of her.

I have kept things honest, and I know this has been an ongoing process evolving to this very day.
She has completed 2 48 hour furloughs where she spent TWO nights. She has 2 more to go and then HOME.

For those of you with kiddos who are victims of alcohol abuse or even family violence, I strongly recommend
ALANON. When she is home, we are attending the ALANON meetings and they have been very valuable for her and for me.
She didn’t need to go to AA that was recommended, so they approved ALANON at my request. The fit is perfect.

Dr. Bessell VanDerKulk, author of “The Body Keeps Score” says that support groups work wonders for people with PTSD.
He is so right!
I have seen her relate and share at levels she never would before.

I’m so excited!

We are a family…. a work in progress….. together…. intact….

We love Sweetie 4, and she is FINALLY accepting us as her family. 🙂

Thank you Lord!

4 Responses to 48 Hour Furloughs AND The Countdown Begins

  1. Trece Davis says:

    Praising the Lord with you! He is answering our prayers ♡ SO thankful for your beautiful report!

  2. Jennifer P says:

    So encouraging. And the ALANON idea is excellent. We have a kiddo in residential at a school we love. We are waiting for the turn around and hope and pray it happens. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  3. Annie Kitching says:

    It is just a shame that this kind of help isn’t available for every young person who needs it – rather than requiring a “crossing of the line”. But I am so glad it happened for you.

    I’d love to know how ALANON is helpful. My girl has aged out of the therapy that was so helpful, and I am trying to find out if she is still going to get the Disability that provides medicaid….meanwhile, we have nothing….

    • ChristieM says:

      I totally agree Annie!
      ALANON is the 12 also based upon a 12 step program but is for the victims of alcoholics or drug addicts.
      Many of the people in there have been abused and experienced much trauma so it is a support group setting.
      Trauma therapists agree that a support group setting is very good for PTSD.
      They work hard on being honest with themselves, and improving themselves. I have seen sweetie walk into a meeting
      with one way of thinking and then come out totally relaxed and encouraged.

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