When Do Overs Become Natural

Originally written in August 2013


Last week, we started back to school for 2 hours each day, to continue to catch up.  Miss Sweetie 4 has done well with her schedule!

Summer time is very much non scheduled around here, but I do see a need for a skeleton schedule just to make things work better!

Something though that I have noticed is how well the girls are using their time.  They are being creative and not being lazy.

And it seems that this is a time for lessons learned to sink in too.  Just like play helps solidify things learned educationally, it must also be working for things learned emotionally!

I have seen some drastic improvements recently in a certain somebody’s attitude when she needs redirection!

Twice this week, she caught herself with a less than stellar attitude, turned it around herself, and came to get a hug and apologize!

WOW! This is huge!

So, today when I was on my treadmill, I called her to come to my room.  She came, I’m sure expecting me to give her a new chore to do…. but instead she was praised for doing so well.

“Sweetie, I want you to know how much I appreciate that you turned your attitude around and apologized! That really means a lot to mama!”

She was beaming!  I managed to give her a hug while walking 3.7 miles per hour, and didn’t fall down! 🙂

I also overheard her telling one of the sisters, “When you point there are three fingers pointing right back at you!” LOL  Yes, she is listening!

I think her do overs are becoming a very good habit! 🙂

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