Sweetie 4 has been seeking out connection with us in new ways.  She loves for us to rub her back and pretend that it is raining.  She prefers a hard, steady, quiet rain. 🙂

We used to read to the girls every night before bed.  Then, they started wanting to listen to music or story cd’s, and we stopped.

Last week she asked, “How come you don’t read stories to us anymore?”  I answered, “Because you all chose music and cd’s instead.”
The wheels were apparently turning. 🙂
Tonight, she asked, “Mama, will you read Anne of Green Gables to me before bed each night?”
Of course I will!
Sweetie’s 1 and 4 joined on our bed for the first chapter. 🙂
There are new pathways to sweetie 4’s heart being formed each day.  I can see it happening and I am so very excited about it. 🙂

She IS HOME! 🙂  And that is something to truly celebrate!

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  1. JJ says:

    Oh, how I recognize this scenario, lol. Soooo true for many children who need to be able to emotionally regress once in a while. Love it! 🙂

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