Listening To Trauma

I am so thankful for our Mom Dad and Me books.  They have been vital, especially for Sweetie 4 as she continues to process and work through understanding relationships.

We have been having such wonderful days and nights, connecting and just functioning as a family.
That is always a time to be on the look out, because just as wonderful as those easy and happy times are, there is trauma lurking in the background wanting to rob her of her joy and security.

A straw man was built.  It was not real.  The feeling of, “You love everybody else more than me.”  The thoughts of “I don’t really belong”, surfaced today.

It is so sad when it surfaces.  It breaks my heart.  Yet, at the same time, I see it as another opportunity to show her unconditional love, and  make a deeper impact into her precious life.

I was reading today an article by Michael Monroe.  It was so appropriate!  I would like to share the link here.

Today, as I sat with Sweetie 4 and talked about how our train had derailed, I asked her, “How can we get our train back on the tracks!”
She correctly realized that it starts with reconnecting in relationship and making things right.
We wrote in our Mom Dad and Me books.  In her book she drew a heart that was colored in just a little and the color represented “trust”.
She was letting us know that she was feeling fragile, and her trust was wavering because of those feelings.
My drawing placed a large cup around the heart, and then there was a pitcher pouring into the cup with the letters , L.O.V.E.
And my caption was, “Let  us help to fill your love cup.”
And our train got back on the track.

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