Girl, Adopted

This is a really good PBS documentary on International Adoption of an older child.
I challenge you to watch it through to the end, because it captures what grief looks like.
Here is the Link.

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  1. Aus says:

    You’ve posted a lot of really good stuff this week – the video will have to wait until tomorrow however!

    Probably the best comments you’ve made have to do with “being hostage” – we all are hostage to something – and adopted kids seem to have a gift for pushing past all the BS and making us really see ourselves for who we are. Maybe not always pretty – but always good!

    Well done – and hugs –


  2. kyhtak says:

    As we have limited Internet at our house (4 GB/mo on my husband’s iPhone), I have to watch stuff like this at my mother’s. I watched part of it Saturday evening, and finished it this morning.

    I did find the story a bit hard to follow some of the time. I had a hard time understanding some of the non-closed-caption conversation, and there seemed to be some “gaps” in the story.

    Overall, it was excellent! I really appreciate you sharing it. It does give insights into the adopted child’s perspective — especially those who are cross-racially adopted.

    I couldn’t help but wonder how they managed to get all that footage. Did they piece together videos “Dad” took on the trip back to Ethiopia, or did they redo it especially for the film? (You probably don’t have answers to these questions, and that’s OK.)

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