Attachment And the State Fair

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Today, we went to the State Fair of Texas.  We had so much fun!  I’d like to share  two moments that brought me great joy.

We went with a large group of 14 people. 4 adults and 10 children.  The girls brought money they had saved to do extra things like ride a ride, or play a game.  Since most of them are teens, we let them go off into the game and ride area, setting a specific time to meet for lunch,  while we ladies browsed the cooking shows and craft area.

The kids were at the meeting place a few minutes early!  And when we saw them, Sweetie 4 came bounding up to give a great big reuniting hug!  And then I heard all about what they did! Her excitement was contagious and the joy on her face was priceless. 🙂
We have been seeing more of this type of behavior in Sweetie 4.  When we take her to the store she reaches to hold our hand, and she snuggles readily.
When she ran  to me, it reminded me of how a baby, when they see their mama as she picks them up from the Nursery, will run to their mama with their hands outstretched!  It was precious.

The second thing that was precious to me, was taking the girls on the Texas Star.  It is a GIANT Ferris wheel with cages that hold up to 6 people!  This was Sweetie 2’s very first time ever to go on a ride!
And it was a big one!  I think she liked it!

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