Money Laundering

This a.m. I was  folding laundry.  I found a 5 dollar bill 1/2 out of a back pocket of a pair of jeans. So I asked the girls, “Whose jeans are these?”  Everybody said, “Sweetie 4’s.”

So I gave her her jeans and gave her the 5 dollar bill.

Her reply, “Oh no!  I did it again!  Now I have to throw it away!”

Quite puzzled I asked her, “What do you mean you have to throw it away?” “Why would you have to throw it away?”

She said, “Because it’s no good, it went through the washer and the dryer!”

“Sweetie, you don’t have to throw it way, it is just clean now, and very usable!”

Her reply… “Well I wish I had known that,  because I had to throw a ten dollar bill away a few weeks ago!”


As a follow up we did tell her if she is having money troubles to come and talk to us, we’ll help her. 🙂

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