Happy Thanksgiving!

As many of you know, Thanksgiving and holidays in general can wreak havoc on the stability in your homes.  Out of the ordinary experiences can cause children who have trauma backgrounds to be dysregulated.  We have had holiday times where we wondered if we should celebrate as it seemed to cause our children stress.
Those many years ago, we decided to keep things low key enough, but not skip the reality of holidays. I’m glad we made that choice for our children.
They have since learned to look forward to them.
Sweetie 1 still does not care for holidays but has managed to learn some coping skills to help her through them.
In fact, 2 sweeties were prepared to have “down time” when needed.
With 8 children and 11 grand children and in laws over, that can be overwhelming for anybody.
If they needed to slip away to read or just be alone, permission was already granted with no questions asked.
I think only one of them needed to retreat for a short time.

In fact, we had a really nice Holiday Time this year. There were lots of family and friends visiting and all went really well.
SO Thankful!

cousins: IMG_1639
Sweetie 4’s sister leaving
IMG_1576 IMG_1603Sweetie 1’s Birthday
Tasting thingsIMG_1618
IMG_1674 IMG_1691 IMG_1765
Thanksgiving fun
IMG_1803 IMG_1849 IMG_1857Nature’s beauty
IMG_1871Ginger Bread House Making…. IMG_1873
With all the gang here, it was a really fun time.  All the girls escaped for a while and went to get coffee and chat. It was really fun.

If you are in the midst of struggling with your child regarding holidays, hang in there! It does get better!
Have a stress plan for them so that they don’t get too overwhelmed.
Be sure to have them eat enough protein and drink enough fluids.

Mix one on one attention with general crowd attention.
And be sure to pay attention to their window of tolerance.
I pray you all had a wonderful holiday!

And now, we rest up, and get things back to normal for a few weeks. 🙂

Comments warmly welcomed!


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