Making Memories

In my last post I mentioned how Holidays can cause stress reactions in our children who have trauma backgrounds.
We have found that one of the ways to reduce that stress is to plan for things that  the children can count on happening year after year.
Simple things like getting the tree down at the same time each year, watching the same Christmas movie after decorating, having hot cocoa each year at the same time, going to look at Christmas lights, attending the local tree lighting celebration, buying gifts of a Christmas angel, and more can reduce the stress levels of our kids.

We also like to make new memories!  Each year our girls pick out a new ornament for the tree on Black Friday.  Some of our girls have numerous ornaments and Sweetie 4 went to get her 3rd ornament this year.
Instead of remembering what happened years gone by, as time goes on, the memories of what they did last year come to life, because of the repetition.

They knew exactly what to expect this year on Black Friday.  They knew we would be decorating the shelves, and they knew that  we would watch a favorite Christmas movie.

So, here is to decorating and making memories!!! 🙂

IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1936 IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1940The girls look forward to setting things up and rearranging shelves, looking at treasures from days gone by and remembering where they were the year before.
If your child is newly home, be sure to create memories for them, so that the next year and years after will be full of new memories to bring them joy in what can typically be a not so wonderful time of year.

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