Simple Ways To Change Scenery

I have written before about “Changing the Scenery” when a child gets stuck.
Have you ever been in a situation where no matter what you tried: reasoning, rocking, talking, trying to soothe, saying you may not… didn’t work at all?
I have.  And it can be frustrating!
You are keeping calm, doing all the things you have learned to do, yet your child is STUCK in trauma mode.

That last tool that you forget about, and I forget about, is one of the best tools ever!

In fact, we used it just this a.m. 🙂

Sweetie4 seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  I could see that our day was headed nowhere good fast!   She complied with a do over, only half heartedly, which really isn’t compliance at all, just going through the motions.  And that is never the point of a do over.

It seemed she needed a change of scenery yet we needed to start school too!
I decided to go to the website elf yourself.
She was in her room getting ready for her day, and I was busy making a hilarious video of her, her sisters and her daddy dancing in elf costumes.

It was interesting, because she had to dance and finish the dance, because it was happening for her. She couldn’t quit! LOL

I called her into the room and she watched the video.  And her entire demeanor changed.
And we have been having a great day ever since!

Changing of scenery doesn’t have to be a trip outside, it can just be a change in the feel of things, a change in what you are doing, and a change that will bring about fresh air into your lives. 🙂

If you have never tried “elf yourself”…. give it a try! It is great fun!

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