So You Are Moving To…..

Tonight I was standing by the Fireplace and Sweetie 1 came up and gave me a big hug!
We were adoring each other and I pushed her hair back affectionately and said,
“So, you are moving…”  and I didn’t finish the sentence.
Her countenance went from adoring to FEAR!
And I finished the sentence…. “Into Sweetie 2’s room after Christmas!”
(Every year the girls change room mates.  It is Sweetie 1’s turn to move into Sweetie 2’s room. She has been rooming with Sweetie 4, and Sweetie 2 has been rooming with Sweetie 3… So Sweetie 1 and 2 will share, and Sweetie 3 and 4 will share. 🙂 )

She regained her composure and said, “I’m so glad you finished that sentence!”
“You scared me!” 🙁

Sweetie 1 has been home TEN YEARS!  TEN!
The good thing is that she said, “Mama I LOVE being home!”
I was saddened that she felt fear and even had a THOUGHT that we would send her away!
FIVE foster care placements can do that to a person. 🙁
But I am THRILLED that instead of acting out, like she did years ago, she was able to express her fear and communicate what she was thinking and even share how she felt about her family in a positive way!
We assured her that we will be building a mote around the house and she can live here forever…..Only a knight in shining armour can rescue her!  (J/K)

Truly though….She went to bed a happy girl, feeling secure once again in the love of family.
Her Family! 🙂

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