Tools For Coping Part 2

I wrote yesterday about tools for coping…. Today I will add to our tool box!

When the sweeties were little, I created a “tool box” for them.
They would take their hand up to the forehead and open their head.
We’d put tools in there….
We chose:
1. The tell the truth tool!
2. The kindness tool!
3. The listen tool!
4. The peace tool!
5. The Self Control tool!and so on.

As the girls needed tools in their tool box, we would add them in!
It worked so very well!

I remember one specific day when Sweetie 1 was frustrated with her math.
She was starting to tantrum. I asked her :  “Do you have your self control tool?”
Her reply was hilarious:
“No! My toolbox is locked and I can’t get it out!”

To which, my reply was…
“Well my toolbox is locked too and somebody better find a key!”

We both found our keys and opened our “tool boxes”……

The tool box idea came from my husband being a mechanic.
I took sweetie 1 out to the Auto Shoppe and showed her all of daddy’s tools.
“Just like daddy needs tools to work on cars, we need tools to work on our lives!”
And we created those tools.
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self Control.

Those are the tools we choose to use! They pretty much cover most things.
You can add the “tell the truth tool”
The “speak kindly tool”
The ” respect” tool…. and more.

They work folks! They REALLY DO!

I remember telling one of our girlies who was totally shut down…. “Get out your tool sweetie!”  And she did just that!
Telling them to use a tool empowers them to succeed!

I am so proud of my tool using girlies! 🙂


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