A Sweetie 4 Update

100_0428I have given regular updates on our newest Sweetie since she came home in March of 2011.
I wanted to update once again.
Sweetie 4 is adorable!  She is doing fantastic and amazes me with her strength!
In the last almost 3 years, she has grown and has gone from the shortest to the tallest!
She is almost 5 foot 3 inches!

Her grasp on English has improved greatly and she is reading really well!
She is secure in our love for her and expresses it regularly.  She loves her sisters and is looking forward to a room mate change in January!

She had a surprise visit from her bio sister at Thanksgiving time and I have never seen a more animated sweetie 4. 🙂  They were adorable together!

She is studying better and better with fewer distractions.  She is able to concentrate much better and has coping strategies for when she gets locked up in her mind.

We are so proud of her! She has come a LONG way from the angry girl who climbed to the tallest tree less than 3 years ago!

If you are in the midst of change, and challenge with your newly adopted child who is suffering from grief and communication issues…. Rest in the knowledge that things get way better…. Time Heals!
But we MUST LOVE them without condition! And always nurture relationship above all else!

Comments warmly welcomed!


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