Memory Making

Making memories together is a great way to help our children form stronger bonds of attachment with their new family.
For a child newly home, the only memories they have of this year’s Holiday Celebrations , are LAST years, and those memories won’t be with your family, and can be quite traumatic.

The good news is, that if we work hard to bring in new memories to replace the old, eventually the memories that will begin to pop up for the next holiday and the next ones after that will be with their new family!

The old ones may still be there, but rewriting on the holiday, new, positive experiences will certainly cause the old memories to lessen, and the brain to re train itself that good things CAN happen during this time of year!

Interacting and doing things together  while operating the RIGHT brain is really helpful to make memories.
Today, we made Easy Christmas Decorations together. While talking and laughing, we came up with these:
IMG_2158 IMG_2157 IMG_2156
We found plastic ornaments at Hobby Lobby in the CRAFT SECTION. These ornaments fit together like a plastic Easter Egg so you can put surprises in them.  We bought Christmas colored Tissue Paper and cut it into strips.  Then we used paint brushes and modge podge
to put the tissue paper on the ornaments.
We filled them with candies.
Here is the finished product hanging on the tree! 🙂
IMG_2161 IMG_2160
The girls really enjoyed making these.

More ideas for making memories:
Do the SAME things each year.
Bake the same goodies and let them participate.
Watch the same movie after putting up the tree.
Drink Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider while putting the tree up.
Let them be a part of the decorating.
We let the girls get a new ornament each year the day after Thanksgiving.
It is always the day after Thanksgiving and early in the a.m.  They look forward to it every year.
Then, when we are decorating, they will recognize their ornaments from the year before and the year before that!
We save them all, and they will take them with them when they marry for their own decorations. 🙂

Go out an look at Christmas lights together, every year on the same day!
“This is the day we will do this!”  and then the next year, when you announce the special day, they will remember it from the year before!

We attend a Christmas Program every year and bake for it.
This year we added singing together at a nursing home with friends.

Play games together and enjoy your time in a relaxed fashion taking interest in what your children say and take interest in. 🙂

Anybody else have any memory makers?

Comments warmly welcomed!


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