A Quote That I Quite Like!

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My friend Debbie posted this and there is so much truth in it, I had to post it.
I am reminded that we need to speak life into our children.  Don’t focus on the negative, and saddle them with the labels of judgment and burden.
Speak life into them, “You are precious!”  “You are so sweet!”
(even if you have to catch them being sweet for 10 seconds)
Speak into them their potential!

In talking to a sweet lady over the weekend, who knew our fourth daughter before she came to us, some things became very apparent.
Even though sweetie four had been in bad circumstances in Russia, she did not exhibit the behaviors there that she did here in her first home.

Just as we can speak life and truth into our children, we can also speak destruction and pain.

Let’s be careful with our words.  I have been guilty  in a moment of weakness of speaking words that were not edifying, only to have them come back and haunt me. 🙁

Let’s begin this year, making it a habit of loving on our sweeties with our words and actions.
They will live up to what we say to them!

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