Negative Messages/Positive Messages

Negative Messages / Positive Messages

I took the girls shopping today and we had a wonderful time.  They like listening to the radio, so we had it tuned to a favorite station.  It is a “Christian” station, that plays some excellent music.  But over the months I have found the ads they use for commercials rather disturbing!

One thing that I found obnoxious was saying “You deserve to be happy, and if there is something wrong with your nose, or your hips are too big, or you need a tummy tuck, or you need your eyes lazered…. this will bring you “the happiness you deserve!”

Wait just a minute here!  Since when does happiness have to do with beauty?  This commercial covered every single part of the body including breast size and wrinkles caused from age.  Sweetie 1 jokingly looked at me and said, “Wow mom, they just described you!”  Gee thanks!

It was a joke, but at the same time, what if somebody is insecure and thinks that surgery will bring them happiness! How shallow!  And coming from a supposedly “Christian Radio Station”…. I found it disturbing.
Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse, today’s advertisement was about being a “Rock Star, Actress or Famous Person” for God.  Really?
Seeking fame is now a “godly character?”
And all you need to do is call this number for an audition!

Then, there was the  one for singles to get together just to have fun…. “It isn’t about finding a mate for marriage” it is just about enjoying life… and the fellow goes on to describe a Jr. High boy’s dream of bounce houses, skating, basket ball etc….. but it is for single adults?

And the grand finale’….. An advertisement for Mother’s Day Out, because everybody knows that mothers need to be away from their kids!  It is a necessity especially when they are between 2 and 4, and you can sign them up so you can go and have time for yourself!  Then, the radio host chimed in and continued about how she needs to get out of the house and do things for herself like all moms do!

The thing that got me was the emphasis on how important it is for “me” time.  All of these commercials focused on the physical, the selfishness, me, the FLESH!

AHHHHHH!!!! I had to turn it off. I couldn’t take it any more.  My girls were laughing at my response, but seriously, I don’t want them to get these messages ESPECIALLY from what is supposed to be “Christian”, for heaven’s sakes!

And those messages, get through.  After one hearing of the “mothers need to be away from their kids” advertisement, I had an errand to run, and Sweetie 1 said, “Mama, maybe you should go alone.”  I asked her why and she said, “Maybe you need time alone!”
Of course, she was kidding once again…. but she remembered.  What about the children who think this and don’t say anything?

There is nothing wrong with being alone sometimes, or going on a date, but  the emphasis should not be to just  get away.
There is a difference between being refreshed with a nice visit from a friend over lunch, and “getting away”.    It may sound subtle, but it isn’t, and our kids know that.

There are moms out there who do not feel the need to run away, get lazered, or enhanced, or seek to become famous.  You will find some of them on my side bar…. blogging away about the blessings they have in their lives. 🙂

If you are a mom out there, and you sometimes feel lonely, or wonder how changing another diaper is going to make a difference in the world, trust me:  With every loving touch, with every kiss goodnight, with every sweet babble back and forth while changing baby, with every pbj cut into stars, with every ice cream cone, park day, swim day, Sunday School class, with every time you stay up late and rock a sick child, with every meal you fix, with every diaper you fold, underwear you change, toilet you clean, floor you vacuum up and broken dish you throw away, you are changing the world, one warm smile at a time… one loving touch at a time…. one sweet kiss at a time.
YES YOU ARE! And what you do is IMPORTANT!

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  1. MT says:

    Agreed! Not sure if there is a KLove Christian music station in your area, but they are supported through donations, so there’s no commercials. Here’s a link to their station finder. Hope there’s one near you!

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