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Today, Sweetie’s 2 and 3 left for Winter Park Colorado for the annual Ski trip with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.   It was such an honor for them to be chosen to go!

Before they left, I made sure that Sweetie 3 had not packed her biology book, but I did find 5 cans of V8 juice! LOL  Glad we removed those or she would have had a big surprise in her suitcase! LOL

Sweetie 2 was so excited, and did very well on the plane from what I have been told.  She was nervous, as she had not flown since she was 5.

This particular trip is for Amputees at the hospital.  14 kids went, with a host of staff.
I can’t wait to see what they do!  We are following closely on FB!

Because of their trip, and because Sweetie 1 attends Public High School now, Sweetie 4 and I have all week together to work 1 on 1 on school work and just to hang together.
She has really been looking forward to individual mama time. 🙂

It sure was quiet today! LOL

My plan for the week is to work with Sweetie 4 on her academics and in relationship.
This is a REALLY great time of year for some one on one!

We are on our 3 year countdown to March 2!
It is so exciting for all of us!

In case you didn’t know…..


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