Relationship First pt. 2

I wrote in part one here.

There are many reasons families adopt children.  One thing is for sure,
bringing a child home will change us, stretch us, and bless us, IF we are prepared to be changed and stretched and blessed.

I am going to write a diary entry, based upon real circumstances, but it is fiction.
Part one was on the Child’s perspective.  This entry will be the PARENT’S perspective.

We are so excited we have finally decided what country to adopt from!  We picked Ukraine!
I am so looking forward to meeting our new daughter! She is 11 and so beautiful!  We sent her a card already, and we sent her some bracelets.  I hope she likes them and shares them with the other girls.

We passed court and it was awesome! Our daughter loves us and can’t wait to get home to America.  She is already starting to speak a little English!
She is very affectionate, and I really like that, but her breath is really bad and she needs to learn how to use soap.  I guess we’ll learn that when we get home.  I’m just happy to have her for my daughter!

We have been home for a few weeks and I’m feeling frustrated. Our daughter has been crying and is rather sullen.  She can’t tell me what is wrong, but I can’t imagine why she would be crying!
Look at all she has here! She left that awful orphanage….. why is she looking back?

It seems like everything I do for her, she rejects it.  I don’t understand the change!
I am so frustrated!

The clothes I picked out for her have been laying on her bed all week.  It is like she doesn’t care about them.  I wish she would appreciate them. I spent good money for them!

We are working on our English and she is doing really well.  It has only been 8 months and she speaks PERFECT ENGLISH! She even has an accent!

I think it is really time to start cracking down on some of her unreasonable behaviors.
She is getting away with too much!
Like, she doesn’t take her shoes off when she comes into the house. The other day she got MUD all over the carpet!  She doesn’t brush her teeth after meals. She eats with her mouth open and it makes me sick.
She has ZERO hygiene…. I mean, it has been 8 months… how hard is this to learn?
Her hair is greasy and she doens’t like the soap or shampoo I bought her.

She has become very picky about food. At first she was willing to try things, but not any more…. She is stubborn! She is also hiding food in her bedroom to eat in the middle of the night. It is gross! I just can’t believe this child is STEALING our FOOD!
When I tried to talk to her about it, she just got frustrated and angry. UGH

She is constantly sneaking the IPOD and playing video games when she isn’t supposed to.

If I ask her about ANYTHING , she gets defensive and angry.  In fact, she lies about everything. I am beginning to think that
her wanting to come to America was a lie.

She just wanted out of the orphanage!

I am trying hard to connect with her, but somehow, if I correct anything and try to be her parent, she won’t let me. She has begun to smart off and say rude things.
She even YELLED at ME????? I would have NEVER done that to MY parents!
I AM her parent!  There is NO WAY she is a scared little orphan….
I would have never been so bold!
A parent’s job is to correct their child, NOT be their friend.
If they don’t do what I ask them to, they have to be punished.  That’s how it was when I was a kid, and I am fine.  Why is it so hard for her to see that I love her and want what is best for her.  She acts like I am the enemy!
I’m SURE she has RAD! Normal children don’t act this way!
I feel like I’m going crazy!

I am tired of trying.  It scares me. Sometimes I feel so angry. I give up.
I just don’t want to try anymore. I am weary.
I feel so lost. 🙁

To Be Continued!

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