Valentine’s Day

Valentines-Day-2014-Clip-arts-3Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
I just wanted to say that our Sweetie 4 went ON HER OWN to help with a special meal for 8 lovely couples.  One of those lovely couples, (us) didn’t get to make it because Mike was sick.
She went anyway! I am so proud  of her.  She had a wonderful time and didn’t get home until almost midnight.
Tonight, I am picking up Sweetie 2 and 3 from the Airport. They have been on the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Amputee Ski trip.  It is also the same time that we typically have Ministry Group.
Sweetie 4 asked if she could attend Ministry Group and we could meet her there when we came back from the airport.
Of course, YES!

She has really turned a corner in this area.  For nearly 3 years she was panicked if she were to go somewhere alone, and hypervigilent if going with a sister.
She would always worry that something was going to happen to me.  She hasn’t even mentioned it!
I am thrilled!

So last night, 2 girls were on the ski trip, sweetie one went to a friend’s house and sweetie 4 helped with the dinner, which somehow left Mike and I alone! ON Valentine’s Day! 🙂
I made him some Halibut and soup.
And then we cozied up and watched a movie. 🙂

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  1. kimbabucha says:


    I have a question. What if you and your husband are reading the books together but it feels as if you are each reading a different book? Did your husband join you wholeheartedly on this journey? My husband is great but struggling (and our kids aren’t even home yet!)

    • ChristieM says:

      That is an interesting question Kim. It is also quite possible to read the same book and come away with a very different idea of what the book is saying.
      For instance, a long time ago, I read Building the Bonds of Attachment in the Deeply Wounded Child, by Daniel Hughes. The first time I read it, I wrote in the front cover, “I hate this book!” My husband read parts of it and said, read it again. He didn’t get the same feel for it.
      The problem was, I was raised in an extremely controlling environment. So, controlling everything like in that book made me cringe. Also, because of my background, I couldn’t get a “feel” for the mother who was actually being very gentle and loving. I was reading it through my own lense of personal experience.
      This was 11 years ago.
      I read the book again, this time keeping the “Attitude” in mind. And I came away with a different perspective. While I don’t agree with much in the book, it was a decent book!
      I had to write in the cover again,
      “OK! I don’t hate the book…”
      I would be helpful, if you are reading Karyn Purvis’s materials “The Connected Child” to LISTEN to some of her youtube videos. This will give you a clear understanding of what is in the book.
      The same goes for Heather Forbes, or really, any other writer. 🙂

      He joined in, but doesn’t read as much. He is in with both feet now. 🙂 He is immersed and helping with our Support Group. I think the conference helped him alot! 🙂

      • kimbabucha says:

        Thank you Christie! I just have to be (and learn) PATIENCE. Ugh I am hard on myself and everyone else around me (can you see what kind of family I grew up in!!)


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